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  1. schmilders

    300 EXC range/gas mileage

    I'm tryig to figure the mileage or distance for a 2002.
  2. schmilders

    Is XR400 right for me?

    I sold the CRF250X due to short valve life and that it lacked power.I know that the XR 400 lacks power, but it is reliable.
  3. I know this is a thumper forum, but I was wondering if anybody knows the gas mileage of the 300 EXC or about how far a tank of gas will get you.Thanks.
  4. schmilders

    Is XR400 right for me?

    I recently sold my bike and would like to get something within the next year.I live in southern Ca, and I mostly ride desert and Gorman.I guess you could say I prefer fast, winding, rugged trails, with small-medium whoops,uneven terrain, with the occasional small jump and hillclimbs.I won't be riding a track.I want something with a headlight, and something reliable, and a wider tranny.I am 5'5" and 120 lbs.I have had a YZ250F and a CRF250X, but no longer have them.My question is, even though I'm small and light, will the XR400's suspension be able to handle fast trails that have small whooped out sections, and prove to have enough power and fun for me?How will the handling be compared to my previous bikes and how will the bikes compare overall to my previous?What do you recommend?Thanks.
  5. schmilders

    opinions on exhaust for wr

    I would go with the DR. D.My friend had a 02 WR and put one on, and the thing was awesome with it.It didn't seem that loud, but I don't know how many decibels it was.
  6. I installed the JD kit on my 04 YZ250F.Now when I give about 1/8 throttle the rpms go up fast and there is a delay of the rpms decreasing when I let off the throttle.If I give more than 1/8 throttle the bike will die.I have the fuel mixture screw about 1 3/4 turns out.What is the problem? Do I need to turn the mixture screw in a little?Please help.Thanks.
  7. schmilders

    which has more torque?

    The WR will have more horspower on the bottom to mid end and the YZ will have more horsepower on the top end(higher rpms).
  8. I went to adjust the fork rebound of the bike to the standard stock position.As I was screwing the adjusters, the screw didn't seem to become fully seated like the compression adjusters.It got really stiff but I could still move it, unlike the compression side.Just when I thought it was seated, it clicked again.Is it possible to turn it too far in and have it click again?And would each adjusting screw be pointed in the same position if they are the same clicks out?I guess I'm worried that one might be one more click out that the other.Thanks.
  9. schmilders

    CRF 250 X BOG

    i beleive the stock size is 40 and I hear that a 42 seems to work the best.
  10. The idle speed should increase if the choke is on.On my YZ250F I set the idle speed low, it gives it more snap on the bottom end.
  11. schmilders


    turn the idle speed up and the bike should idle better. on mine, if the idle speed is set too low it will die when I turn off the choke.
  12. schmilders

    Can't decide...2005 CRF or YZF 250??

    Get the 05.It will be worth that extra money, especially that they come with Renthals, and the bike has dropped even more weight, and has received more engine mods.Plus the bike will be woth more down the line.
  13. What added performance will a Zip Ty fuel screw do?
  14. I have a Ca CRF 250X.I have removed the exhaust baffle, cut open the air box, and have removed the secondary air pump.I want to install a JD jetting kit.What will the kit come with to get proper jetting?What will I need to use for proper jetting for elevation from 2500-3800 feet?Can someone please let me know what jets and needles need to be used, and how many turns out, and clip position.I know nothing about jetting, as you can see.thanks. flagoffreedom@yahoo.com