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  1. tony1970

    9 ounce FWW or Retarded timing?

    I run the GYTR 8oz on my '13 and love it. Still has the snap!
  2. tony1970

    Carnegie Being Attacked

    Nothing like filing a lawsuit against a state that is to broke to fight it. Do you think this will start a trend? Fight the lawsuit with no money, or shut the place down? That's a hard one to choose. This is just the beginning. Time to make some donations to the BRC and CORVA.
  3. tony1970

    electric starter button issues - 06 450

    You have to splice the wires.
  4. tony1970

    electric starter button issues - 06 450

    Buy one of these, http://www.lsp-vt.com/Motorcycle_PA.htm and never have to worry about a faulty broken switch again.
  5. tony1970

    BFN 09 WR450 runs terrible on the bottom.

    If the bike is not running properly and overheating from the dealer why would you not take it back? If this was a car would you say the same thing? Your bike may have been messed with by the dealer already, and that is why it is running like crap. If it was mine I would take it back and have them get it running properly while it is still under Yamahas warranty, you never know the dealer might of had it sitting with gas in the carb and the carb is now full of varnish. These bikes run fine with the stock jetting and AIS installed, and should not overheat after 20 minutes of riding and backfiring.
  6. tony1970

    BFN 09 WR450 runs terrible on the bottom.

    Take it back while it is still under warranty.
  7. tony1970

    New 08 WR450F

    Make sure you keep your AIS system. Many state run OHV parks are checking to see if you have it, even in non red sticker season. A good way to ruin a day by getting turned away at the gate, or getting a ticket. The way things are going I would not doubt in the near future the Forest Service will be checking for smog equipment. BTW the AIS system does not effect performance, just an annoying popping from the air injection. Have fun with the new bike.
  8. tony1970

    Trail Rules

    Nice list and well thought out. If I could suggest one thing on #16. 16. Always have a back up plan. In other words, look at the maps before you go, even if you don't know what trails. Try to remember specificly large trails or things like 5 way intersections or other distictive landmarks. If you have one, carry your GPS Carry a good compass with you and know how to use it along with your maps. A compass is much more reliable than a gps unit, and can help you find north on your maps and your way home if you know how to use it. It is very easy to become confused where the heck you are, especially while riding. A gps unit is something you do not want to depend on completly. Batteries can die, they fail, and the reception is weak in certain areas with heavy tree or cloud cover. I also carry a space blanket, and a fire starting device just in case plans A and B go south. Just a suggestion, and thanks for the list.
  9. tony1970

    They gone and dun it

    Well, at least they have not robbed from the OHV fund, only program that has run in the black, and doubled our fees without a vote on it. Oh wait, they already have. Maybe we can email and call our reps and they will not send us a cookie cutter form letters telling us that we do not see things the way they do and we must be mistaken. You mean they do that also? D or R after the name does not matter, they are all crooks. Get ready for a bumpy ride.
  10. tony1970

    CA Public Property, Fences, Gates and Stuff

    Here is a good read. Hikers vandalizing, say it ain't so. http://www.marinij.com/marinnews/ci_11290988?IADID=Search-www.marinij.com-www.marinij.com
  11. tony1970

    07 Odometer question...

    I am having the same problem with my '06 odo. Mine was reading way off and figured out how to program the wheel diameter into the computer. The manual gives no indication on how to do this, so I was guessing that the wheel measurement was in Centimeters. Programed it again and it still seemed to read off, so I paced off .10 of a mile with my GPS and ran the bike up and down that length until it would measure correctly. Thought I had it right until I ran an enduro this weekend and I was 20 miles off the total. I am stumped.
  12. tony1970

    Sawmill Enduro Report

    Yea, that rock section should have had some workers there to help get the bikes through. In my opinion if you were not an advanced rider there was no way you could negotiate those tough sections. People bitched that if they were not going to spilt the C riders to a different loop that the club would make the course to easy. Catch 22. I also ran into several people on the second loop that did it twice, but in the clubs defense at the riders meeting we were told that the first gas stop you took Loop 1 and the second gas stop you took Loop 2. I have never run a timekeeper Enduro, but I found this format fun and plan on doing it again along with trying them in timekeeper.
  13. tony1970

    Sawmill Enduro Report

    The Sawmill was my first Enduro and I loved it. I was pretty shaky on how to keep time and milage, so I just tried to do my best through the sections, and cruise the transfers. I have to reprogram my wheel size on the WR's computer because the milage did not jive with theirs, which screwed me up more. The first rocky test section was brutal, and made it through with a few stalls. I got lucky with all the bottlenecks, and was able to move around people. My two buddies started 15min after I did and they were stuck at one for an hour. The thing that really saved me was my Dunlop trails tire. That thing made it so I hooked up on stuff that others were spinning out. The last rocky loose hill climb I got to there were people sprawled all over the place. I got to the middle and I guy was coming down and said I would need to get to the bottom and get momentem to make it up. I just popped the ol WR in first gear and motored around people and shouted at the top " Trials Tire Baby!". I took a bad spill at the end, the dust was so bad I got cross rutted trying to pass people to get in front to keep from getting dusted out. The last creek section made for an wet ending. I had a great time. Set out to just get the finishers pin and got it. I learned a lot and did not hour out, which was a bonus. Thanks to the NBMC they did a great job.
  14. tony1970

    Camping at the Sawmill Enduro?

    Thanks NCR!
  15. tony1970

    Camping at the Sawmill Enduro?

    Ok my buddy talked me into racing our first D36 event and we want to take his 24' Airstream. From what I have read the staging is going to be at the Lakeport side of Cow and we have never been there. Are there places for us to set up camp? Looking forward to the race, hope I can do 80mi without lunch.