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  1. kemerer61

    14 300xcw starter

    Good call
  2. kemerer61

    14 300xcw starter

    Warm or cold. Itll sometimes fire after a long section of riding and sometimes wont it doesnt seem to be crancking fast enough but the starters new and the nendix is new
  3. kemerer61

    14 300xcw starter

    I bought a bike with a bad bendix so i replaced the bendix and now the starter carnks but doesnt always start the bike. The battery is giving me 12.9 v off and 14 v running but its a cheap walmart lead acid battery could that be the problem. The bike starts first kick.
  4. I have a 14 300xcw with a fmf pipe and stock silencer. If i go to a turbinecore 2 with the spark arrestor would the bike need rejetted
  5. kemerer61

    PA Allegheny national forest trails

    Has anyone ever ridden the trailes in marrienville. And if so how where they
  6. kemerer61

    2014 300xcw speedo

    I have 1 plug coming off that is red with nothing to it do you know what that would be
  7. kemerer61

    2014 300xcw speedo

    Just bought a 14 300xcw i was wondering if the speedo is backlit. I know the newer bike light up orange but does the 14 cause mine doesnt
  8. kemerer61

    97 cr250 18inch rear wheel

    Cant seem to find a straight answer. Will any 18 inch wheels from other models direct fit a 97 cr250
  9. kemerer61

    01 rm 125 powervalve issue

    We replaced the linkage and the plastic clips. When we tore the bike down the linkage was almost worn in two.
  10. kemerer61

    01 rm 125 powervalve issue

    the power valve is not opening when revved. any ideas?
  11. kemerer61

    97 Cr250 Frame swap

    Sorry if theres already a post for this but would it be possible to put a 97 cr250 motor in a 03 frame Sent from my SM-G950U using ThumperTalk mobile app
  12. kemerer61

    Hill climb tires.

    we are hard pack lots of rock and clay. And the clay gets very slick when wet.
  13. Im thinking of getting tubliss for my rear tire and possible an 18 to replace my 19 rim. What are your favorite hill climb tires. I live in pa where its either straight rock or mud
  14. kemerer61

    Cr250 18inch rear wheel swap

    I use my 97 cr250 as an enduro/hillclimb bike and i love it. But theres better tires for 18 rear wheels. Is there anyother honda wheel that will fit and work on my cr
  15. kemerer61

    Buying My First 250 2 Stroke

    I ride a 97 cr 250 on mostly single track and hill climbs it's a beast and cr 250 are really good bikes