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  1. Ok great, its actually going o be cheaper to go with a new dmv
  2. So on my last ride I some ho lost my stock silencer end cap thing, I quickly lost all my packing aswell. So now I need to replace or fix. Id like to just get a new end cap and packing but I fear it will just come off again. I have never taking t off this bike so Im not sure if something is broken, can someone tell me? Its an 03' sx200
  3. Hello, I recently purchased a 03' sx200 and I am really enjoying everything about it but id like longer gearing. It is stock right now and i bought a larger front sprocket not realizing it wouldnt fit with the chain on, so ill have to go smaller in the rear. I ride trails with it and the bike sees tight single track, rock gardens to long logging roads. Any suggestions for the size for a new rear?
  4. I also live in Ontario, thats to much for the bike. Mine used to do the same thing and valve adjustment fixed it. But regardless of any problems thats allot more than I would be willing to pay for it. I sold mine couple years ago for much less and I made a good profit and the bike was absolutely mint.
  5. Hello, I recently bought a 2003 sx200 and I love it but I cant find a service manual. Ive looked all over and can only find a manual for the engine but has no information about the fort or shock or anything to do with the frame.
  6. So I found a bike thats an ok price, id like to get but the guy never changed the ownership to his name and lost the bill of sale. The only way to go about getting this bike in my name would be through tracking down the original owner right? Or is there something else that I don't know of that I can do?
  7. Hello, right now I am looking into a 2008 TC510. It is in good condition but I cant decide if I should buy it or not, Im having trouble finding a credible review on it. Also, no dealer near me so does anyone know any good Canadian sites to get parts from?
  8. sweet, I actually saw that video. It sound much like that but the bike idles slower than that one.
  9. I could probably talk him down to a good price and thanks for the help. Also, the sound was almost like a four stroke with a loose cam chain.
  10. Hello, I'm looking to get another bike. Found a 03' 125 that i like but the owner is asking a bit to much. I could most likely talk him down to a good price but i have a concern with it. When i started it it idles perfectly but makes a ticking sound, I've hear dit before but its founder on this bike and i don't know what its coming from, do these bikes usually make a sort of ticking sound at idle? (could continue in higher rpm, but didn't hear it). Anyway i rode it and the power was definitely there, it actually riced harder than i expected and I'm just worried thats gonna make me want to overlook any sort of problem thats there.
  11. i ride in areas that are not monitored at all and every one is cool with it so i dome worry much about that, i only want it to be in my name for insurance and to mae sure no one can come after me saying the bike is theirs like filterx friend. So if i get the vin i can go to the police station to get it checked?
  12. ya i think its a little risky, who if the original owner decides to call it stolen if i went to get the change
  13. I am looking at a bike, it looks like a great deal but there is on problem. The guy has the ownership but never put it in his name so how could i get it in mine? Would i have to get in touch with the original owner?
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