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  1. Its exactly the same as my *friends* kx250 on the straights, Its got a racing cylinder head, v force 3, reprogramable ignition and a hgs pipe and has probably been geared for acceleration. Please stay on topic though please, i need help with my riding
  2. I was wondering if down gearing my 125 would help me learn quicker, I've only been riding for about a year now and the guy who i bought my 125 off raced it a lot hence loads of mods. He even had recorded videos of the bike winning races and getting the holeshot often and it equals my mates kx250 in straight line speed.. Now because I'm fairly new to mx I'm beginning to think down gearing the beast may help me improve faster because everything is happening slower. Cheers!
  3. Has anyone ever tried this? Like a lot of people wear headphones at the gym to get in the right mindset, maybe it would help in mx? What do you guys think of this?
  4. Its gripping the seat(when standing) on the straights i'm struggling with. Should i just be leaning into it or what? The guy who i bought my bike off raced competitivly in sx so when i open the throttle and the powerband comes in it hits hard... thats whats causing me problems Cheers!
  5. Should i be gripping the seat at all times or is it only at certian points in the track like braking points etc. Thanks!
  6. Beeks

    What's the big secret?

    Just keep practing them, there is no secret. Just imagine how many jumps ricky has done compared to you.. Repetition is key.
  7. To get to this practise area that i go to often i have to go through some really intimidating ruts, over here in the UK its winter now so its pretty much rain everyday # So obviously these ruts are filled with water and the whole place now is like a big swamp.. Any tips on how to get through all this without losing my bike into its depths? Cheers!
  8. I seem to know the basics pretty well now but when i get out on the track i still dont feel comfortable going really fast, as soon as i get into the habit of keeping the throttle wide open i seem to lose my form. Is this something that is down to practise or is there something i'm missing here... Like i get thrown around a lot by braking bumps and they throw me off balance and then i ruin the whole turn It just doing all these techniques at speed which im having trouble with Cheers!
  9. Sticking your elbows up & out is for more control and leverage. Its hard to just move your elbows up so what most do is 'overgrip' the grips, that way once you twist the throttle your elbow will still be in the right place (up & out). An example of more control with this techniques is if you go up a hill standing with your elbows low, you wont be able to open the throttle any more. Were as if you were overgriping in the first place you would have the leverage to open & close the throttle whenever you please For more info you can sign up to Garys 4 day free training course, he talks about overgrip in one of the articles, take a look here You could also do a search on this forum, im sure this has come up before.
  10. In fact, at that speed the leathers would set on fire if they slid on the tarmarc.. Happened to this racer in the UK
  11. Beeks

    Which GS dvd's to buy?

    I've just bought some of the dvd's but in my e-mail it says Shipping & Handling not included :cry: Any ideas? PS. I live in the UK, if that has anything to do with it...
  12. For people who have Gary's dvds which would help a beginner the most? Also, i live in the UK so would delivery be ok? Cheers!
  13. I finally got round to practising this drill and what a difference it makes! My legs are aching more than usual but it was well worth it For such a small thing it makes a nice difference to your riding, its hard to explain but it feels more 'natural,' plus standing while turning is a great feeling the first time, but i've got an idea i'm doing the technique wrong. I can't help tucking my elbows in when standing & turning at the same time Do the same techniques as sitting apply when standing? (when turning) Cheers!
  14. Yeah that was a great explanation thanks for that I am a complete beginner and my last outing was practising leaning back while braking, i found it hard forcing myself to practise but after i did finish i felt like a way better rider! I also tried balancing my weight on the footpegs but that didn't go down so well i think its because i was accelerating to fast rather than taking it slowly at first and then going faster & faster... Thanks for the replies PS. When im practising this weight on pegs drill should i not grip the seat at all? like when going up/downhills etc?
  15. Hi, i'm having trouble trying to rest my weight on the footpegs, mainly when accelerating. I was wondering if there are any routines i could do to help me learn this technique.. Cheers!