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    DR650 Mods

  2. NzJohny

    Xr400 frame. Anyone want to sell one?

    Thanks mate appreciate it. Im just a bit concerned about how it looks like its been sitting a bit long and has rusted like mine but i am definitely going to take a look at it. I dont suppose the frame cradle can be rebuilt?
  3. NzJohny

    Weak points on a 2001 XR250R?

    Keep an eye out on the frame they have drain holes behind just above the swimgarm at the back that are set high so the water sits on the bottom of the frame. I have seen multiple frames rust completely out "kickstand break off" "footpegs" all due to inner rust. Including mine
  4. Hey guys/girls. Does anyone have a xr400 frame in nice condition they want to part ways with? Mine is stuffed and im looking at restoring her. Il pay good $ for a really tody frame. Thanks
  5. NzJohny

    Xr400 frame damage

    Any pictures? I would love to see this! Because thats what i am wanting to do to mine. At which points did you cut off the cradle?
  6. NzJohny

    Xr400 frame damage

    Last week i decided to strip my beloved xr400 to the bare frame, managed all the parts and neatly tucked them away for a few days while my frame went for a samd blast and powder coat. My bike is very very well looked after! Im a bit ocd Here she is.... Anyway to the point. I got it down to the bare frame and relised there was rust!! So much so that i could basically push my finger through parts of the lower tube!! [emoji32] there is no drain holes at the frames lowest point, only furthur up above the swimgarm bolt. How could honda mess that up so bad? So now i am stuck with a rotten frame that is ""plated"" what do i do? I need the frames # for inspections. Could the bottom of the frame be cut completely off and have another lower frame welded on with drain holes made? Any help would be appreciated! Genuinely appreciated.
  7. NzJohny

    expert ears here please

    Ok sorry about that can't figure out how to upload the short video
  8. NzJohny

    expert ears here please

    i am about to embark on a 1000 mile / 1600km journey on %80 freeway and just wanted to assure myself that my xr400 is in normal sounding condition, cam chain and valve wise? hopefully the video is enough to tell. its always sounded this way since i have owned it. doesnt burn oil etc. just want to be sure shes up for it. thanks in advance. (unfamiliar with xr400 normal sounds)
  9. Thanks guys.. I ended up hooking it into the "low beam headlight" the light that never turns off while the bike is running... charges as soon as I turn the key on now and stops when I turn the key off. So it's running from battery power. Sorted.
  10. Sorry I'm a major power amateur.. when I turn the ignition key on it will enable me to use any of my street gear... horn/blinkers/headlight etc... if I remove the key everything is off. Won't kick start etc. So I guess if I put the black wire? To 1 of the ignition wires it would enable it to work with the ignition Instead of a constant power draw?
  11. So I wired her up... but it continues to charge my phone when the key is off or even when my key is removed??
  12. Thanks alot!! That gives me a rough idea! So my baja kit does have a battery. A small 1 about the size of that regulator u speak of. It's just down a bit lower. Can you see the yellow/blue fuse behind that on the 2nd picture?? Can I wire it straight beside that?
  13. Hi everyone, was just wondering if anyone could put me in the right direction as to where to connect the earth and red wire to the back of my baja designs dual sport kit on my xr400. The only battery on the bike is the one that the dual sport kit come with. Chers for any help!! Electrical stuff is my absolute weak point.