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  1. This is what got me interested into a Rekluse. I was caught off guard at the worst time!
  2. Thanks all for your input. I am going to try it out. For a thank you, I will try to post the clip of the flameout where I took the spill over the lava rocks! [emoji23] Mashed up the headerpipe nicely.
  3. Hahahaha! The last thought before lights out is not being part of Thumpertalk anymore.
  4. Thanks for that one. Doesn't happen very often anyway but like you said, you learn to deal with it. Sounds relatively easy to switch back to stock if I did not like it. $400 installed for the X may be worth it for me. I have the 300 RE for technical but really loving my thumper!
  5. Didn't think about those advantages. Some think that if kill the bike on the middle of a steep hill, you are going to have a "runaway" since there is no clutch drag to resist. Thoughts?
  6. Hey anyone have any experience using the Rekluse in the Beta 4 stroke lineup? I would not have considered it but I could get one for around half price. I have clutch control down BUT I will say on the really technical terrain, the Beta has flamed out on me at the worst of times. After researching the product, I did see a couple of comments from a couple of years ago that it affected the bike's throttle response - not as quick as stock/less torquey? The one I would be getting is a new model(RadiusX) with EXP and Torquedrive technology Any thoughts based on your experience?
  7. aircop84

    17' 250RR rear axle nut stripped

    Factory torque spec has to be wrong. It is by far the tightest out of any dirt bike. Was this a misprint in the manual? Not surprised it stripped.
  8. aircop84

    300rr race edition or Standard 300

    Sweet ride, you are going to love it.
  9. aircop84

    300rr race edition or Standard 300

    Yes, spring for the RE. At a difference of $500, silly not to get the RE. I weigh 200 lbs and I love it. Also in Idaho so I know the terrain and I THINK I know the dealership you speak of! They are way more interested in selling the side by sides.
  10. aircop84

    Show me your...BETA !

    2018 RR 430 Race Edition - fantastic for this terrain.
  11. aircop84

    My 390 for a 300 race edition. Hmm tempting

    So I came from the other side of the equation (sort of). I purchased the 300 RR Race and then I purchased the 430 RR Race. I have both and love both for different reasons but if you asked me what I have been riding more, it would be the 4T. I love how smooth it is and it seems I am a faster rider with that delivery. The 300 is awesome but it's more of a violent, twitchy delivery. If I was going to do it again, I would probably purchase the 390 over the 300. If the two strokes go all in on TPI ( thus losing that hit), not sure why I would choose that over a 4T.
  12. aircop84

    Show me your...BETA !

  13. aircop84

    2018 RR430 Race - Starter Button Issue?

    Hey just wanted to follow-up ok this one. I took it to the shop and they told me points inside the starter assembly were corroded like water got in there. They cleaned up and they covered them with dielectric grease and it works great now.
  14. Different bikes for different applications - I get it. Not a racer so for me, it was just the wrong bike but for you probably the right bike. Good luck!
  15. Just an idea but maybe take a look at the Beta before you pull that trigger in the Husky. I came off a 2018 FX450 and it's basically a motocross bike with an 18" rear wheel. A 5 speed with horrendous engine braking is not ideal for single track and hill climbs. I won't get into the other issues involving the clutch and engine that I had to fight to get a warranty repair and replacement. I moved to the RR430 race and love it. Betas seem to have a better build quality than the Husky. I also sold the TE300 and moved to the RR 300 Race. Tough deciding which one to ride because they are both so fun . Good luck - Husky a great bike but you could save some money and possibly enjoy the Beta more.