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  1. Sprocket Specialties 42 tooth aluminum rear sprocket. " . assume the 15 tooth was kept. This is correct.......42 rear and 15 up front.
  2. wynn

    Heel Clicker on Super Moto DRZ - Who Else,,,,,,

    Entertaining..........Yes, that's why he had more people around his pit area then every rider combined at the Reno Motard races! He may not be the fastest guy on the track but he's definetely a crowd pleaser!!!
  3. wynn


    I'll show you some love and kick in the first 50 cents for the wheel fund! Do you have paypal so I can send it your way??? :cry:
  4. wynn

    Newbie......checkin in!!!

    Welcome.........it's a money pit..............be ready to spend, spend, spend.....especially if you wanna go fast! :cry: :cry:
  5. wynn

    my bike got flamed

    Those flames have to be worth at least 2hp!! :cry:
  6. wynn

    Stuntoberfest pics and vids...

    I do those tricks in my sleep.....Yeah Right!!! Those guys are fools........thanks for sharing the pics and vids.
  7. wynn

    Who said you cant jump a DRZ...?

    He's the man when it comes to catching air!
  8. wynn

    Heel Clicker on Super Moto DRZ - Who Else,,,,,,

    Shoulda known.....that boy is off the hook!
  9. I like that headlight....it looks sharp!
  10. Went out and saw him in Reno a couple weeks ago..........He's off the hook. He caught and past Ward in the heat and in the main. DH is no joke.......he's the man to beat!
  11. wynn

    bike cleaner

    I have found nothing better then Mr Clean on the market right now. This stuff is off the hook. You can mix it with half water and it still cuts through tough grease. Once your done cleaning the bike use Motul shine and go for the finishing touch!
  12. wynn

    complete excel wheels?

    If you haven't bought your wheels yet go to this website. He is the cheapest around right now for complete wheel sets. http://store.eastcoastwheels.com/yhst-30309144973280/rims.html Good Luck!
  13. wynn

    Supermoto Races in downtown Reno

    I was there....it was off the hook! Jeff Ward and Doug Henry put on one hell of a show!
  14. wynn


    That picture had me rolling!
  15. Go here......... http://store.eastcoastwheels.com/yhst-30309144973280/rims.html He's the cheapest around right now.