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  1. antcinq454

    ITP T-9 Pro Series Baja Wheel

  2. antcinq454

    Hot Cams Stage 3 Camshaft

    Similiar to doing the cam mod
  3. antcinq454

    Hot Rods Crankshaft Assembly

    Real strong
  4. antcinq454

    ITP T-9 Wheel

  5. antcinq454

    Parts Unlimited LM O-Ring Chain

    great product
  6. antcinq454

    Sunstar Steel Rear Sprocket

  7. antcinq454

    Vortex Front Sprocket

  8. antcinq454

    Dura Blue Inc Eliminator Axel

  9. antcinq454

    Engine Ice High Performance Coolant

  10. antcinq454

    Pro Circuit T-4 Full System

  11. antcinq454

    Yamaha 04-09 YFZ 450 ACCEL. PUMP SPRING

    Has anyone heard of/ used the accelerator pump spring from merge racing? It is a stiffer spring that is supposed to eliminate the bog instead of doing the zip tie / wire tie mod. Right now I have it zip tied and wire tied lol works good but if this spring works better it is well worth the $15. When I got the quad it had the zip tie mod already but the rpm's would hang at about 1/4 throttle after I would rev it... took the zip tie off and it stopped, but here came the bog. So I adjusted the little screw/spring on the throttle where the ac. pump meets it. turned it so it would go out and the rpm's NO LONGER stuck. I beleive they were stuck because the pump was "stuck" to the throttle and it was out just enough to let a little fuel out to make the rpm's rise.......... runs mint now still has very minimal bog at the low end... so if that spring works I want it lol
  12. antcinq454

    Make 06-09 yz450f into efi?

    yeah lol money is an object... Could probably build a tank out of metal like the new rm-z's... Sounds pointless and a waste of time but I'll do it some day haha.. College consumes all of my money now.
  13. antcinq454

    Yamaha YFZ450 2007

    0 complaints at all aside from the accelerator pump!!!! Love it!
  14. I was just wondering if it would be at all possible to convert an 06-09 yz450f to efi by using the efi system out of a yfz450r... Just a cool project me and my friend would want to do for some fun... I just like that style motor and the look waaaay better than the 2010 +