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  1. See you joined the club. Welcome.  

    1. Joecrow


      Thanks! Looked a while ago and didnt see a NC group but glad one popped up. Where are most of yall based at?

    2. Edgecombe


      I'm out east of Raleigh.  We have a few in fayettville and some out near you . Post up some questions in the club forum and you can also post pictures and videos. 

  2. Hey thanks for sharing I recently found out about this place and want to check it out. About 3 hours from me but would be a good weekend place to visit. How technical were the trails? Do you have any pictures of the rocky trail?
  3. Hey I'm fairly new to the area about a year ago and I just bought a house in Stokesdale but still don't have a solid group of regular riding buddies. I've been up to Brushy a couple of times but would always be willing to ride if there's closer trails.
  4. Hey y'all I'm in Greensboro as well and need some riding buddies. Just moved here about 6 months ago but a little tired of just going out riding by myself. I pretty much just ride trails as I've never really been into MX. I'll have to remember to keep checking this to see if anyone's going riding
  5. I am planning on going, given that it isn't washed out (saw one report of 4"+ out here in Ohio). It's also going to be my first harescramble haha
  6. Looks great! Almost don't want to cover up that frame. What kind of frame protectors do you plan on using by the foot pegs?
  7. Sounds like fun if its a close place to ride! I'll let you know when I am free for a ride, I typically work in the morning and have night classes so weekends usually work best for me. Actually going to Wayne this weekend
  8. Kinda off topic, Longdogracing, how is Hidden Springs Ranch? I just moved up to Dayton but haven't done much riding around here besides Haspin Acres in Indiana
  9. I had surgery from a torn cartilage in one wrist and fell and inflamed a tendon on my other wrist and I used these exercises: http://breakingmuscle.com/mobility-recovery/7-exercises-to-maximize-hand-wrist-and-forearm-strength?page=0,1 I do these every day and it has definitely helped reduce wrist pain and strengthen the wrists/ forearms to where I no longer have to use a brace or tape each time I ride.
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