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  1. 96_XR250R

    Washington State ORV Rally in Olympia March 25th

    I am out of town, but you all better let them know whats up!!!
  2. 96_XR250R

    Christmas ride in So Cal Pic

    You might want to check that chain on the yz, it looks a little loose.
  3. 96_XR250R

    y xr250r sometimes dies when idleing?

    there is an idle adjustment right next to your carb, turn it clockwise
  4. 96_XR250R

    What's my street legal DRZ400E worth

    California sucks, when is Arnold gonna clean up that stink hole?
  5. I need some seat foam for my xr 250. I was looking in dennis kirk and its going for $57. Does anyone know where I can get a better deal than this?
  6. 96_XR250R

    Men? We don't need no stinkin' men. (Lake Wenatchee 10/24)

    I doubt it would take three men to lift a little xr200 over a log. But then again I dont know the guys you're used to riding with.
  7. I live in Everett, WA and have no idea what congressmen etc. to vote for. I was wondering if there were any fellow Washingtonians that knew which of these people I am going to see on the ballot are worth my vote? Which ones are opposed to us motorcyclists? and which ones are more likely to stand up for us? Any info would be great.
  8. 96_XR250R

    What air filter is the best?

    I bought the K&N after dealing with the uni's and all that oily foam slime. Washing your hands three times gets old and i already have the cleaner and oil kit for the k&n so after buying the uni and the filter cleaner and oil the difference is only $5.00 and the k&n is very fast and easy to clean. I also bought the pc racing gasket so i should be set. Thanks for the input
  9. 96_XR250R

    HI, is 2002 xr400 a good bike

    Watch out for kangaroos when you are doing wheelies down there
  10. 96_XR250R

    What air filter is the best?

    I need an air filter for my 96 xr250r. In Dennis Kirk they have "No Toil" $24,"K&N" $46, "Uni" $28, "Twin Air" $26, and "Moose" $21. It sounds like most of you run the Uni, and some have had problems with the No Toil's not seating right. What about the others? and are K&N's that much better?