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    Larimore, ND this SUNDAY....SUNDAY..SUNDAY!!!

    6th isn't bad, what class did you race?
  2. Starky161


    My year will be up next August and then I will probably stay for 6 months to a year more. It's hard to turn down 5 grand every other Friday. I hope Fordville takes a little more interest in that track next year. I bet it would be a money maker for them if they would put a little time into it. The dirt down there is nice if you keep it turned over once in a while and maybe a little water. How long will you be in Iraq? Be carefull over there. Just about everybody is getting rockets and morters now. We only get them about once a month here. More of an anoyance than anything else.
  3. Starky161

    Spacer for O Ring Chain?

    What about flipping the sprocket, is this working for ya'll
  4. Starky161

    '05 countershaft spacer DANGER

    This sounds like a good thread to keep alive. Anyone else try flipping the sprocket? Pros and cons??????
  5. Starky161

    05 CRF-A Yamaha rider's opinion

    I'm a little confused. It sounds like some of you are buying new bikes, then wondering how you can make them perform like your old bike. Why not just keep your old bike?
  6. Starky161

    Spacer for O Ring Chain?

    Why do you need this spacer. Is it a design flaw of some kind. Are the sprockets out of alignment.
  7. Starky161

    Best gearing for Beg/Int MX??

    Changing 1 tooth on the front is pretty much equal to changing 3 teeth in the rear. If you are planning on changing 3 or more teeth on the rear sprocket you would be better off starting with one on the front. Also, you can add or subtract a tooth on the front without needing a longer or shorter chain.
  8. Try a preasure washer. Takes sticker off even if you don't want to.
  9. Starky161

    HELP - CRF250R vs CRF450R - New Rider

    You should probably ride a 450 before you buy one. If this is your first bike it may be a little much. You won't be leaving yourself much room for the learning curve. I'm 210 and my 250F was pleanty of bike for me.
  10. Starky161

    2006 crf450 question

    I don't know a lot about fuelinjection, but I know a lot of guys that build their quads are going to FI. You guys going to Iraq be carefull. It seems just as many get hurt and killed in accidents as do in combat. If any of you are comming to Bagram, Afghanistan, let me know, I'll meet you at the gate.
  11. Starky161

    New bike

    Thanks for your replys guys, it's way more than I expected. I'm still curious about the 4 vs 5 speed. With my 250F I stayed mostly in 2nd and 3rd gear. I know the best way to decide is to ride them both and I will do that when I get home but for now all I can do is try and gain as much knowledge as possible.
  12. Starky161

    New bike

    I hate it when people make a post like this, but I'm looking for some BIASED opinions. I will be getting a new bike for next season. I was looking at the CRF450 but then thought the YZ450F would be better. Now I'm thinking about the CRF again. I'm a novice racer. I've read the 4-speed on the YZF is a little less forgiving for a rider of my skill, but I heard the Honda is more prone to valve failure. I'm not brand loyal, but I have never had trouble with Yamaha in the past. Please give me some opinions.
  13. Starky161

    U.S. Open

    I thought Bubba was going to race the 250 class this year. Was he not there?
  14. Starky161


    After reading this entire thread, i think it's the dirt bike riders that are the idiots. Of course I know it only takes a few to give this impression the same as it only takes a few quad riders or snowmobile riders etc. Since when do the trails or tracks belong to dirt bikes. I don't know how many times I have been riding on a quad or on horseback and have a dirt bike come flying around a blind corner like he was on a track. Anyone who is irresponsibe enough to endanger other people who have just as much right to be on the trail as anyone else truely deserves to have the crap beat out of them and I will be the first one to take a stick to em.
  15. Starky161

    Ethical question?

    I don't know who all they support, but they support the military so they can't be all bad. You can get a replacement bladder without buying a whole new camelpack