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    New rider here!

    Mx boots are a good investment. I'm 5'3 and shaved my seat down. Soften up your suspension too, that stock suspension will be set for like a 5'8 180 man probably. Both free mods for short people you tube will show you have to do everything. And I second the wrap around hand guards if you're trail riding.
  2. shorty*

    No boots for a lady

    I have small feet and an short as well. I wear youth mx boots. Since I'm short they come up to where my knee pads start with just the perfect overlap. I'm not sure how they would compare in the calf area though but they sure are nice on the wallet! Normally about $100 cheaper than the same adult version!!
  3. shorty*

    Front Wheel Wobble

    That's great you got the bike! Sounds like a great fit. It's not snappy but powers through everything on trails, and is super solid on gravel. Enjoy
  4. shorty*

    Front Wheel Wobble

    Did you purchase this bike? I have a 2010. The new ones look great, fuel injection will be a great improvement. I had awful front wheel wobble as a new rider on it when I had a dealership put on new tires. They didn't balance them at all and didn't warn me. Took it right onto the highway and pinned it up to 110kms and nearly crashed. It was awful. But it certainly wasn't the bike! Balanced those same wheels and it improved. Always had a bit of a wobble in certain conditions after that. Wind, road smoothness seem to effect it most. But the bike doesn't do much more than 110kms anyways, and what little wobble there was at that was manageable. I just started to ride a ktm350exc, and the wobble is worse out of the box at 100kms than the xt was. It's a lighter bike, need to balance the wheels again. The back tire dribbles, which the xt never did. Anyways, all bikes have their quirks and need tweaking. That's half the fun
  5. shorty*

    Whole new world

    I tried just hopping on a bike and learning in a parking lot from my now ex four years ago, it didn't go so well I took a basic motorcycle course one weekend after that and it was amazing! They teach so many skills and you gain confidence in a safe space with good feedback. Most areas have local groups that can be found online, get out and ride with groups and learn from them. And get used to being a minority. I'm almost always the only girl
  6. shorty*

    Women's Impact Vest

    Im the same proportions as your gf, and have been looking for different gear options as well. I currently wear either a full textile jacket, or the speed and strength armoured hoody for women. The hoody is great, but gets hot on trails. I'm going to try the roost guard next because the impact vests and jackets like that Thor one look too aggressive for my taste. I've tried on a few men's options, and I find the shoulders aren't in the right spot on me. I will be ordering women specific gear. There's this one, if she doesn't mind the look. http://www.revzilla.com/product/alpinestars-stella-bionic-2-protection-jacket
  7. shorty*

    Making an XR250R street legal (PEI)

    Try calling accessPEI then? I live out west now, but when I was looking at it this summer I just called the motor-vehicle dept here, they sent me the legislation for what all bikes need to be street legal, and then once done all the mods you take a form and the bike to a dealership and they verify the bike meets the standards and sign off. Only shitty thing was only dealerships do the forms so SOL here if there's no dealership for the type of bike you have. And if there's no current similar bike a dealership may not say "yeah now it's just like a crf250" or whatever (ex. A kawi dealership may sign off on a kx250 made street legal because they can say it's similar to the klx250, but a suzuki dealer may not sign off on an old ds185 with the additions bc they can't say it's similar to any current bike) Anyways, maybe similar? And what you pay extra on the bike, you save in insurance out there. Cheapest bike insurance we ever had. This xr250s look like sweet old bikes though! Love those vintage enduros.
  8. shorty*

    Making an XR250R street legal (PEI)

    Four stroke 250s are a popular enough engine, Id seriously save the hassle of modding if you can. Might be hard on the island to even find someone knowledgable enough to do the inspection to plate it after its modded. Had an old CB when we lived on the island and there never did find a good place to have it looked at. Have you thought of picking one up in Maine or NH?
  9. shorty*

    Making an XR250R street legal (PEI)

    Why are you looking at the xr250 specifically? I don't know much about that specific bike, but there are lots of street legal four stroke dual sports on the market, would save you the pain of modding and hoping it gets plated. Id like to plate a dirt bike some season too, but because Id like a smaller 2-stroke. Currently ride a xt250. Where do you rodeo the island? Or do you go to the mainland? *ride on the island Stupid autocorrect
  10. shorty*

    Emig lowering link

    I'm 5'2 and ride a xt250. I lowered it 1.25inches on the forks so I could tip toe it, but it changed the geometry of the bike. It was fine to learn on, but now I've developed a bit more confidence, and would like the bike to be back to it's former maneuverability. I've had the bike three years, been hoping Kouba would come out with a lowering link for the xt250, but I doubt they will. I talked with Soupy's last year, they were unhelpful jerks. Just saw a post on adv about Emig Racing lowering links. Never heard tell of them before. Wondering if anyone has ever used one of their lowering links?
  11. shorty*

    Helmet decor

    Hm interesting idea, I'll definitely google some examples! Thanks!
  12. shorty*

    Helmet decor

    I was looking for a less expensive option than airbrush painting the helmet. Thanks
  13. shorty*

    Helmet decor

    I posted on the local group forum I ride with (all men) asking this question, and got no feedback, so I'm hoping maybe the gender of the audience here will increase my chances! I ride dual sport, so when I needed a new helmet last year, my options were limited (it's the mx looking helmet but with a street visor, not goggles). I had a cheap zox helmet before, and when I ordered the XXS size, it was still too big. Wore that helmet out, my better half suggested I spend some money and get a good helmet. I struggled with wanting a helmet that looks good, and getting a helmet that would fit. I finally went with the helmet that fits best and ordered the smallest Aria I could get. I confess, it fits better, is quieter, I can see through the visor. But it's just sooooooo plain!! Id like to dress it up, but tastefully! All the helmet decor I can find are branded stuff like Fox or Monster drinks, or amazingly offensive sayings. Not really my thing as a dual sport rider. Anyone know of anyone that makes/sells helmet decals that are a little but more befitting an (aspiring) adventure rider? I also live in Canada, so need to order something online. Thanks ladies!!