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  1. dave919

    04 CRF450 up date

    I've been away from this site for awhile. My bike has been running good. Since I rebuilt the top end in the winter of 04 with the stainless steel valves and a 10.5:1 compression Wisco piston I have not even had to adjust the valves. I check regulary but there has been no change since instalation. I am not a pro rider by any means but I have noticed no difference in power out put. I also have the 17once heavier flywheel on this bike. The only difference I have noticed is the bike doesn't stall in the woods like it did. I can still play on motocross tracks and hit some pretty decient doubles. I am looking to make this bike more long distance and woods friendly. Has anyone out there have any experience with a Jagg oil cooler? I am also wondering if anyone has ever tried putting the 450X model cam in an R and if the X model's header would work on my bike. My favorite riding is agressive trails. Some of the guys I ride with are into getting into some really nasty stuff and more low end torque would make life a lot easier in these situations. Buying an X right now is not an option. My youngest son gets the next new bike in the family and my wife may want a new four stroke dirt bike too. She is currently riding a KX85 set up for woods as much as possible. Thanks for any tips.
  2. dave919

    crf reliability

    The four strokes are definately more maintinance prone than the two's. I was ready to sell my 450R for scrape until I got my valve issues worked out. I have replaced my titanium intakes with stainless steel. I know my valves are out of spec at the moment but not on the tight side and it starts now. I do love the power and versitility. I woods ride a lot with mine. I have the heavy fly wheel and a 11.5 to 1 Weisco piston on my 2004 model and it is closer to the XR I always wanted.
  3. dave919

    Help! Some problems with my CRF

    I had trouble starting mine once it got cold. I got my bike in mid september last year and it stopped running altogether once the temps got below 45 degrees F. Once it warmed up I put a new plug in and it ran good untill the weather started getting cold again. I started checking my valves every few rides and my intakes were so tight I could not get a feeler in at all. So I replaced them with stainless steel. I actually replaced all my valves and springs. My bike starts now, cold or not. I was told the titanium is more sensitive to temp changes than stainless and that may have been the reason. It runs now the only draw back is it is much harder to kick over.
  4. Dude, unless you are splitting the cases it is not a major ordeal. I have had limited experience rebuilding two stroke top ends. Like you I was very intimidated by all that extra stuff on top of our motors. My bike was giving me fits when it gets cold. My intake valves were wearing and sticking open. I have just replaced them with stainless steel. While I had the head off I changed my piston just for good maintinence sake. I did this as an oh well it's not running anyway so how bad can I mess it up type job. I had no trouble. Getting my valve spriings off was a chor but I got it back together and I rode it for the first time today. It actually starts now even though temps are in the upper 30's. Follow the manual, take your time and don't consume large amounts of alcohol. Our bikes are really well marked. And, as far as my mechanical skills, if I can do it anyone can.
  5. dave919

    Switching to Honda

    Think this over long and hard. My 04 CRF is sitting again since it got cold, not because I am a panzy (well maybe I am) but it is sitting because it will not start. It did the same thing last fall and it was just a month or so old then. If a switch to stainless steel valves doesn't cure this I will not buy another Honda.
  6. dave919

    Back to loving my bike.

    Between the mechanic at Cycle Worx in Lima Oh. and the Honda rep that also looked at my bike I think we have the no starting when temps go down solved. I believe it was a combination of the intake valves and the auto decompressor. Now, to minimize the valve issue I would like to put in Stainless steel valves. Any recomendations on reputable manufactures???
  7. dave919

    dropped shim in engine

    If it went down the cam chain slot it should be laying somewhere behind the left side engine cover. This is where the stattor and fly wheel are. Drain your oil and pop this side off. Try not to move the bike anymore than you absolutely have to. Good Luck.
  8. It is in the upper 50's lower 60's right now and this piece of [@#$%&*!] will not start!!!!!!!! Air filter is clean, I just put in a new plug. Old plug is only about 13 days old. it is black already. Two weeks ago a Honda Mechanic adjusted carb and valves this is when the old plug was put in. I am sick of this bike!!!!!
  9. My 04 won't start when air temps get cool. I have to replace the plug to get it going. Then when it gets real cold (winter temps) it won't start at all. The only engine mod I have done is a 17 ounce hevier fly wheel. (I like to ride in the woods)I have no idea what's up.