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  1. mil_rider

    Southwest Motocross Park, TX

    I emailed them (email on the website) and Kevin responded... says they are open everyday from 10 am to dark. M-F is $10... Sat-Sun is $15 He says the track is watered during the weekdays, and on weekends they till it and water. Haven't made it there to ride yet, but if the email response is anything to go on I will definitely try to make it. It was a very thorough thought-out response... not a one-liner you're-botherin'-me email reply. Hopefully they're that friendly in person!
  2. mil_rider

    Southwest Motocross Park, TX

    Has anyone ever ridden at Southwest Motocross Park in Texas? I believe it's just South of Houston - off I-59.
  3. mil_rider

    boots still not broke in...

    When I first got my Tech 8's, I actually mowed the yard with them on... both front and back. I got some stares from the neighbors, but the boots were ready to go after that!! Short of mowing your lawn - just ride lots with them. They'll break in after you've logged a few hours on the bike.
  4. mil_rider

    Squeezing frame or seat?

    ankles... but like others have said, knees into the tank in corners
  5. mil_rider


    The whole "broken elbow" look just takes away from the image...
  6. mil_rider

    Tight valve??

    Mine started doing the same thing when it got around 40 hours on it. Ended up being the valves. I went ahead and had the valves, pistons, rings and seals all replaced and now it starts on the first (or second) kick. Just part of the price we pay for having a 4-stroke.
  7. Saw that about a year ago on here... still hurts as bad as the first time I saw it!
  8. mil_rider

    To Hone Or Not To Hone?

    Stupid question of the day - I just put in new piston / rings, new top end, valve springs, etc... do I need to break it in again like when I first rolled it off the showroom floor?
  9. mil_rider

    06 Crf 250f otd price

    Good lord! I just saw one here in Southern Cal for $7900 OTD... good thing I'm moving to Texas soon!
  10. Been riding with Rooster guards since I bought the bike (Sep '04) and have crashed more times than a person has a right to do... a lot of things have broken (including me) but haven't had a single problem with the rads yet!
  11. A lot of people seem to be worried about how much it will cost to replace their dual pipe setup ($899... $1199, etc). I seriously doubt that 95% of the riders on here can even ride their bikes to the level of noticing any difference between a stock pipe and an $800 (waste of money) aftermarket pipe. I agree with the writer that said this will most likely be the best handling bike for '06. Do I like the look?... not sure yet. Will I like the price tag they're sure to put on this?... definitely not.
  12. mil_rider

    neck roll

    I believe in 'em... I wear an EVS horseshoe attached to the chest protector. Does anyone know what kind attaches to the bottom of the helmet - like the kind Davi Millsaps wears?
  13. mil_rider

    Factory connection vs RG3

    Can't compare the two since I've never used RG3... but I DO have Factory Connection all the way around and I love it!!
  14. mil_rider

    your favorite mx boot

    Tech 8
  15. mil_rider

    Landing in sand??

    Stay on the gas and off the front wheel. You don't want to sink into the sand... you want to skim over it.