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    Long walks in the evening on the beach while sitting looking at the sun set sipping vintage wine.... NOT trail riding in the jungle man!
  1. 200xcwmaui

    Rear Brake Trouble

    You just need to be careful bleeding. Make sure you are adding in fluid before it’s to low in the Reservoir. That will allow air to enter the brake line. On the caliper attach a 12-18” rubber hose to the bleeding nipple the other end goes into a small container with about 2” of brake fluid in it. Pump the brake hold down lever open nipple then close then release lever. Check fluid reservoir level and top off if needed. Continue until you have no indication of air bubbles and have flushed line with approximately 4-5 ounces of new fluid. Your bike has low hours and bleeding should take care of this soft spongy feel. Been working on bikes since I was 10 with my dad I am now 60... hope I haven’t been doing it wrong all these years lol. Take your time be patient.
  2. 200xcwmaui

    Riding Hollister Hills

    Ride there back in the early 70’s....484 acres of fun!
  3. I may look old but that doesn't mean I am not!

  4. up graded to KTM 2013 250 xcf-w changed all fluids and new FMF exhaust can now it rips best thing i did also putting in new OME piston kit next week had 256 hrs

  5. 200xcwmaui

    IRC M5B

    I have a 130-18 EVO on 2013 ktm 250 xcf-w it is same size as 110 stock bike came with 100-18 like it a lot
  6. I have a pair Klim desert style and Kevlar over the boot pants no problems in tight wooded trails. The exposed boot buckles are a problem in small shrubs and foot pegs shift levers brake levers.... In the boot sucks.... over the boot is the way to go you may have the bike and gear that don't mean you can ride Mr. Pointdexter
  7. 200xcwmaui

    What’s in your backpack?

    sandwiches water and tools
  8. 200xcwmaui

    Tubliss System

    I run M 59 on front no tublis and a M5B EVO on the rear with tublis @ 8lbs - 2lbs... traction action!
  9. 200xcwmaui

    Shipping a bike via Plane

    texas to vegas cheaper by 250.00 than from Maui to Oahu go figure we can fly to Vagas from Oahu round trip with airport transportation and 3 nights and extras cheaper than flying inter island round trip flight only. I am enjoying my rice burger with rice for dinner an island favorite for dinner or any meal.
  10. 200xcwmaui

    Okay, what's up with Rotella oil in KTM motors?

    Do you or anyone you know work for Shell oil company.. sounds like your on the payroll pushing product.. your so concerned about what oil goes in every body's bike... the big selling point is the cost...my Uncle works for Shell Oil in Holland he states it "meets" the standard set by JASCO MA... now as for as extreme use lubricants will that's when the game change starts. Change up to a specialty oil if you like. Oil has 3 items it must do 1 cool, 2 clean and 3 lubricate take one item away and it will not perform same with a fire eliminate fuel, heat or oxygen fire is extinguished. I use Motorex 10-50 currently in my 2013 KTM 250 xcf-w. Change oil frequently if in doubt...But use a JASCO MA spec oil. you can buy a new car from 14,000.00 -230,000.00 the choice is yours.. they will get you from point A to point B.
  11. 200xcwmaui

    very slippery seat when wet

    i use and recommend surf board wax
  12. 200xcwmaui

    Convert Mx to comp woods bike

    Well there is a rider here who rides a 2007 crf250r stock and smokes any 2t & 4t 200,250,300 on very tech trails and single track. Its the rider mostly, if the extra components help you increase your ability to ride then you have purchased the correct component for your bike. A young boy came to our mx track on an old thrashed xr400 and asked if he could take a few laps i said yeah go ahead... this kid cleared all the jumps in style like a pro! Everyone in the pits with their 5,000.00 aftermarket bling added to their bikes all shut up as to what their bike needed for them be a better faster rider as they all watched in aww as a POS Honda XR 400 embarrasses them. A,B,C or whatever.... same bike different rider = different results
  13. 200xcwmaui

    What was your first bike

    1972 Kawasaki Trail Boss 100
  14. It's due to scrub union workers that are fleas.
  15. TRUMP... because he'll want to start manufacturing dirt bikes here in usa. we got the talent. Its those dems that take our business money to support their looser families that don't work.