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  1. minnesotarider22

    Whos heading to Red Bud from traverse city area???

    What kinda bike are you riding and whats your phone number. I may take you up on that offer... I have to look at which way i'll be heading down
  2. Looking for someone to head to red bud with who lives around traverse. I am going to Ride my motorcycle if i don't find someone interested in going. Who all is headed down??
  3. minnesotarider22

    Michigan traverse city riders, read up!

    New to the area so i am looking for people to ride with public or private tracks where are there any of either around TC? I have been riding moto for over 10 yrs and i need someone to ride with, I am in the military and just have been stationed up here. Second where in traverse can you buy race gas??? I need it for my trusty two stroke!!
  4. minnesotarider22

    plug fouls every other ride?

    Check your reeds.... Before you do anything. People run their reeds WAY to long and they start chipping away or developing a gap between the stop and the petal. This allows excessive fuel/oil to flow into the motor and fouls out your plugs....
  5. minnesotarider22

    sand riding

    Run a good coolant like water wetter or engine ice. Also maybe investigate into a slightly higher pressure radiator cap to hold your coolant in. Run a pre-filter without question, sand gets in everything. I would at a minimum go up two main jet sizes. Run a 6 paddle tire on your 125 an 8 paddle would be way too much. Run your gas mix at 32;1 but think about possibly mixing 50/50 with race gas, it burns cooler and resists pinging much better than pump gas...... Do all that and you will not blow your bike up.....
  6. minnesotarider22

    RIP Elko

    This is the CLASSIC ISsue of stupid people who move right next to a asphalt car oval and a motocross track and then complain about noise...... Stupid tree hugging rich people need to be lined up dropped to their knees and cock slapped!
  7. minnesotarider22

    Replace your shift stopper!

    So you don't really think it would be too easy for the bearing balls to work into the tranny? I have only owned the bike and rode it probably 8 times so i have always kind of noticed it, but it really got bad the last time i rode it.....
  8. minnesotarider22

    Tearoff pulling Technique

    its mostly core strength....... (abs, upper legs, and back)
  9. minnesotarider22

    250 2T in Lites Class?

    I rode one at my local race in Florida and people were bitchin and complaining and whining like you wouldn't believe! It was quite funny to see these stupid rich mini dads who dumped 10k$ into their kids 250f and i was on a stock yz 250 and smoked them everywhere on the track.....
  10. minnesotarider22

    Replace your shift stopper!

    So heres a good question. I took my bike apart as i was having shifting problems and lo and behold that the good shifting bearing thing we are all talking about is gone. Like not gone in the sense its not there, but gone in the sense that all the ball bearings are missing and the outer race is all thats left. My big BIG questions is..... Where did all that go???? Do i worry and split the cases or say **** it and keep riding? I have no idea how long this has been like that since its been crappy shifting for a while.......
  11. minnesotarider22

    Odd blowby on cylinder

    This looks alot like piston slap too me..... The piston has just a slight bit of fore/aft movement and essentially rocks back and forth in the jug..... I would investigate how many times your bike has been honed out or if you are running a stock piston in a larger bore!
  12. minnesotarider22

    Blew my tranny 08 yz250

    Does anyone have a part number for this shift stop bearing?! or stopper lever assembly? I can't find it on a diagram anywhere?!
  13. minnesotarider22

    Tearing into transmission many questions! Experts read up!

    A couple of times while riding it the shifter seemed to almost temporarily 'lock' in place or be stuck. I would try it again right away and it would work. What bearing are you guys talking about?
  14. I had multiple issues with my 07 YZ 250 today so i decided major tear down time. Mainly its coming out of 2nd gear at random. It is really getting very finicky shifting into gear and seems to be finding a false neutral way too often now. I am going to tear into the transmission so first i want to know how serious is this??? This is the ONLY THING i haven't done on a motocross bike. I have replaced entire top ends on four strokes (Valves, cams, cam bearings etc.) i just have never been into a tranny. Secondly can i get into the tranny without splitting the cases and pulling the crank??? Once i get into the tranny what am i looking for that would cause false neutrals and hard upshifts??? Any help is appreciated!!
  15. minnesotarider22

    whats near Traverse City, MI??

    anyone?? Is there really no moto up there? Someone offer up some sort of insight.....