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  1. Agreed I'm usually pretty careful but had such a busy summer I was really trying to get togather fast late at night and my rush just made things take longer and robbed myself of the few times I could have gone on a ride because it was still laid up in the shop. But now with everything top end new and set I should have years of trouble free riding. love how the xrs are nearly bullet proof and maintenance is minimal I just wish Honda would bring back a nice simple trail bike air cooled but with a modern chassis and suspension something the average DIY guy can figure out like me. No way I would ever want to work on a modern fuel injection bike of today not to mention the hundreds of dollars in extra money for special tools am sure are needed.
  2. Well took the side cover off an wouldn't you know it I had the gen rotor flipped around lesson learned take your time and double check all the work before covering up and moving to the next stage of reassembly got it altogether two kicks fired right up runs like a dream like it did before now to get a few rides in before deer season!
  3. Ok that makes most sense to me I'm guessing in my rush to get it togather I flipped it around the carb was off and clean when I put it on by all means even a completely gumed up carb would fire from a shot of starting fluid I even tried a shot right down the plug whole I know not recommended to do that but I wanted to for sure rule out a fuel problem I can't even get a backfire from that. So today I'm going to pull side cover and check that hopefully that is what I did.
  4. Been out of commission about three months stored inside getting gas to cylinder plug is actually geting wet. everything looks to be as it should my last thought is the pulse gen rotor is flipped in my haste to get it back together @ 2 in the morning when my mind probly wasn't the sharpest. If the wide splined area was at say the 3o clock position to the rotor point and I flipped it would be sparking in the bdc point rather then tic that's the last thing I can think of to check but don't want to was my time with that if its not possible to even accidentally do that.
  5. Ok i'm now starting to get frustrated I have looked over the valve cam I have spark compression and fuel my only last thought is I don't remember how the splines were on pulse gen rotor I know it can only go on one way but could it be fliped if the spines don't match up At the contact point with the rotor geared and I installed it outside in would that through the time in off?
  6. Dint really seem to need much or any adjusting at all but I will double check just in case willing two double check anything at this point 99% sure it was on compression stroke but there's always that 1% chance winch does occur when the only time a guy finds to work on his stuff with a wife and kids is in the late night into early morning hours lol
  7. Yeah figured should set the valves any time I take the head cover off they are in spec.
  8. Yes the auto decamp cable that runs down by kick start shaft is broke just the manual one left worked fine before and disconnected decamp all together to make sure it wasn't engaging
  9. Ok well i'm at a loss then I have had it apart twice thinking I missed something in timing but its pretty plain and simply so does the plug fire on compression and exhaust stroke? Could I have it firing on the exhaust stroke and not on compression? It has a good strong spark good compression and fuel so by all means it should at least pop or back fire or something.
  10. Could I have placed that rotor gear that works with pulse generator off so the spark timing is off unfortunately the times I get to work on it are so far between I have forgotten how everything looks and was placed in.
  11. Its an 86 yep lobes down no auto decamp on it just manual I followed the steps in the Clymer manual
  12. Ok my timing chain was getting loose and noisy so I installed a new one but now the bike won't start I have good spark tdc marks are lined up on fly wheel and cam marks are lined up and as far as I remember all the parts down on the bottom end were splined in a way that they could only go on one way a shot of starting fluid in air box or right in cylinder won't even get me a back fire please help what did I screw up that i'm missing.
  13. So we all know that most after market tanks can usually weigh a bit less then the stock steel tanks of the xrl not by so much that I think I wouldn't even notice. But I have noticed that the acerbis tank hangs much lower then stock and the other aftermarket tanks. Now with the stock fuel amout of about 2.5 gal winch for me has always been enough siting probably lower then a stock tank with a it half full Duggar does this have a noticeable difference in the ever so terrible top heavy feel of the beloved xr650l or does it actually help centralize lower the weight were the gas is sitting any one with any experience noticing this a reply would be awesome thinking of getting one not so much for the extra fuel but just hoping the weigh centralization and just filling 2 gallons in for the tighter trails will help.
  14. asway

    General Mn chit-chat

    The single track trails are not legit trails just kinda made by random ppl over time. I ran into a guy there once and he had said a week prior to that the dnr was ticketing ppl for riding the unmarked trails. So it may be a ride at your own risk on the single track. Not sure if that has changed yet this was a year or two back. But would be nice to have some legit marked trails there that are worry free of possible getting in trouble for using.
  15. Sweet thanks Clymer manuals must use some generic photos same with the parts diagrams on www.hondapartshouse.com they show nothing like that at all I was always told the early xrs had no adjustment other then changing oil weight and fill level well now I can resume the rebuild.