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  1. How much did you spend on it?
  2. Went 20 feet of this cliff a few months back. Landed on my back on a rock. Had to swim out of the cove then hike out in wet boots. I was riding sweep and no one saw me go off. Bruised ribs only. Wasn’t my day to die. Yes. That’s my KTM in the cave.
  3. I’ve been told on the earlier models having the forks hard anodized is almost a must. Has anything changed on the 2019?
  4. Have you guys found clutch and stator guards? For my 2019 500rrs I love the Acerbis on my KTM’s but haven’t found them online for the Beta
  5. I’m a Mc Cain regular
  6. The mirror thing is a joke. They were loose and flopping in the wind. Fiesta Island.
  7. Picked up 2019 500rrs today Had my local dealer install BRP submount and Scott’s stabilizer. 3 gallon IMS tank. Sic Ass turn signals and license plate relocate. Put it thru 3 heat cycles today. Only 2 complaints. Mirrors suck and can’t keep the front tire on the ground. Coming off a very well tuned and setup 18 KTM 500exc this bike has a much stronger mid range torque curve. Love it. So much less to do with all the desmog and add a Vortex on the KTM. Off to my suspension guy next week for hard anodizing Springs and revalve.
  8. I have a garage full of KTM’s. Ready to try a Beta. I hear there are lots of upgrades coming on the 2020. Not sure if I can wait until December being I just got rid of my 500exc (my only dual sport) Should I wait it out or get the 2019 for $1000 plus less
  9. I know Slaugo. He can ride dunes just fine with a knobby and do it in the middle of summer when it’s 115 out.
  10. I run my Gt216 or Shinko Fatty at 13. Gt333 with tubliss at 4. 8 if were going to be doing a fast whoops ride. I ran it at 1.5 in the dunes at Glamis a few weeks ago and it was more fun than a paddle without beating up my bike.
  11. Motorex oil. Twin Air filter kept clean. Mostly hard riding or racing. I wring it’s neck. Lots of riding on or near the rev limiter. I guess it’s not a Yamaha. Usually got 400 hours out of YZ and WR 450 top ends.
  12. Time for a top end. 220 hours of hard riding. Lots of WFO desert racing and riding. It’s burning oil. What topend kit should I purchase. Is it worth it to buy aftermarket or should I stay OEM.
  13. The 15 WR450 has no lack of power once uncorked. They have more bottom end and mid range torque than the newer motors. It's a bit heavy but a great bike. I have over 500 hours of Desert riding and racing on mine as well as lots of trail riding. Other than sprockets, chains, break pads and fluid changes it's been great.
  14. As for flag mounts. I put a broken flag in my camel back with a wrap of duct tape at the top. Been using the same flag for 10 years.
  15. Glamis is constantly changing. Head out to China Wall or Lizard Hill early in the season before any rain and it will challenge any 450 with a paddle. I've blow up a CR500 and a few 250R 3 wheelers out there.
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