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  1. Yeah I knew CMT makes one, arm and a leg at over $950, one day Ill break down and purchase one
  2. They don't make it for a CR though
  3. Bringing up my old thread, haven't been on TT in a long time thought I'd update it. Sold my matching CR125 and dumped some more money into my CR250. Couple things I've changed: Hinson clutch cover 2012 CRF PC A kit from a Troy Lee team bike Braking rear caliper Raptor pegs Braking Rotors Misc Ti bolts also have Factory Connection linkage on its way as well as Pro Circuit TI-2 silencer Still on the hunt for some more stuff like Carbon or Aluminum gas tank and Ti bolts/axles
  4. Got some haters on one of my CRs for sale, hate away
  5. If they end up making a new 2 smoker, Ill be the first to try and dump my 07 CRs for a good price
  6. I have a 03 CRF 450 frame with a title, I live in Temecula
  7. I run aviation fuel, its 100 octane bike runs super clean and powerful compared to pump, and if you go to your local airport i paid $3.99 a gallon the last time
  8. Just gonna say I have a Lectern on the 07 CR 250, and it is PERFECT
  9. Id say about $1500 for that bike, I sure wouldn't spend $2200. Ive bought and sold a TON of bikes
  10. yeah it fits, as long as its the 02-08 CRF 450 or 04-09 CRF 250 linkage
  11. Problem solved as far as the noise, i know i can change the gears on the back and will do it eventually.
  12. I hate the Honda OEM, I prefer the Fly billet kill switch it'll give you more length too
  13. So everything was just good didn't forget anything, it was a gear whine from the hinson basket, when i put the hinson basket on, it had quite a bit of play in the gears on the back. So i just ran my OEM basket and Hinson hub, pressure plate, fibers and steels. Problem solved
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