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  1. Can not get into the app or onto team TT

  2. YZCas27

    A Kid On A Yz450f!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh shit he’s a man now sorry for the mis judgment 450 it is 🤪
  3. YZCas27

    A Kid On A Yz450f!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m 5’8 200# and owned many bikes over the years. I owned a yz 250 and 450 at the same time I bought them both at the same time the 250 with good pipe proper tune is an awesome bike I made the mistake of getting rid of my 250 it was very flickable and had plenty of power just a great bike it would tare up your 400 on track or in woods such a fun bike. I can’t do half the shit on my 450 that I did on the 250 and I’m a very strong man but with the 450 I get a lot of whisky throttle.
  4. YZCas27

    Need help with diagnosis

    I have a 14 like you and there were two problems Wright out of the crate I fixed before I got the bike home and the first problem was the water pump shaft. I put in a nice aftermarket water pump. The second problem was with something too do with a shift shaft too or something like that before you get too deep get yourself a good water pump in the bike. I really think it’s the fuel pump getting hot and shutting down on you.
  5. YZCas27

    2015 YZ450F Cornering

    I had the same problem on my 14 too. I did exactly what the poster above did plus a devol lowering link and learned how too gas it a little more in the turns and ruts and it feels great now.
  6. I know their older bikes but in 14 I owned three 450s yz kx rmz all just had pipes and the yz was the strongest motor out of all of them.
  7. Yes sir, it works just like I told the poster above my sons bike runs great it’s jetted perfect you just need too lean it over then bang starts right up.
  8. YZCas27

    2018 TTR 125 LE for the wife (soon)

    That’s awesome man they are sweet little bikes they run for ever with the proper maintenance .
  9. YZCas27

    Straighten bent foot peg mount? Ttr125l

    I would buy a set of after market pegs.
  10. He said the bike runs ( great ) but sometimes it won’t start up cold when shutting down for a while I can read,my sons bike has mods and proper jetting and sometimes starts weird when stalled. ( my buddy owns a Yamaha dealership ) when I told him about the same problem the poster put up he told me just lean the bike over real quick till you see a bit of gas come out bang it will start.Well just like your info on running a bike rich is good ( wrong ) it makes a bike run hot worse for the engine than you think also adding more air when it is already running rich will help it please get your facts straight before telling someone what too do. Giving a bike more air makes run rich. If the poster says his bike runs great then he should leave it alone try my little trick without changing anything and ( ride ) why the hell would I lie.Ttr 125s are notorious for cooky idling period I play with my kids all the time you don’t need too be a ( rocket scientist ) too fix his problem and tell the guy too start changing shit he don’t have too. Oh I don’t give a shit how much money or how many upgrades you put on your bike,I’m a straight shooter with 35 years experience with bikes and 25 with racing two stroke boats and 1,000 hp cars ( period ).
  11. I do this too my sons 2018 ttr 125 I lean the bike over till gas drips out the carb over flow like a couple second lean over it fires Wright up every time if the bike is running good don’t touch the carb.
  12. YZCas27

    Need Ideas for TTR-125 (Help Me Make a Monster)

    Well too be honest I’m not sure we’re I bought maybe Pro cycle but just google rev box stage three for your bike. What it does is takes away the rev limiter and you get more over rev not enough too hurt the bike it just makes it all around top too bottom end rev quicker and doesn’t fall on its face Erving through the gears my son said it helped big time. Plus I will say it again it’s a ten dollar part,a lot of guys will not like this suggestion drop too a 12 tooth counter sprocket it helps big time. Also it doesn’t mess with the idle and if it does you adjust your idle screw out the screw is the one you can grab with your finger and turn, don’t worry about your wife over reving it just changes the ignition timing like tuning a bike with a program for different riding conditions. Revbox Airbox kit Fmf power core 4 pipe 12 tooth front sprocket Jet properly This is what I did too my nine year olds bike his first Manuel bike for him he loves it. If you have any questions about jetting I’ll ask my buddy what we ended up putting in carby.
  13. YZCas27

    Re-jet needed with wiseco hi compression piston? Bog @ WOT?

    I have ether 110 or 120 in my sons bike he only has pipe airbox and revbox bike runs great with the larger jets
  14. YZCas27

    Need Ideas for TTR-125 (Help Me Make a Monster)

    You do know they sell a different cdi unit called a rev box get stage three,it help my sons bike big time and it’s plug and play 5 minutes too do the upgrade.
  15. YZCas27

    Loud tapping after rebuild? Video included

    Nice fix, I believe you tap on your post you hit the three lines on top right of page and some choices pop up one should be edit you can edit post just by going backwards on the post and put what you want on regular post I’m not sure if it will work but you can try.