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    They rebooted the internet two days ago. You were probably uploading during this time
  2. digipoi

    TTR-90 folding shift lever

    Moose makes a steel one and MSR has an aluminum model. The MSR looks nicer to me and costs five bucks less. I got the moose brand myself. They are both effective though. My son bent the stocker on his first ride.
  3. digipoi

    TTR90 Break-in

    I did all the mods for the bike before it was even broken in. Im not sure how it will affect in the long term. My son is still getting used to the bike so I figured no harm. He doesnt pound the throttle or nothing. This is a subject that I noticed in my experience that everyone has slightly different opinions. Id stick to whats in the break-in procedures in the manual that came with the bike to be the safest. For myself, dont matter much.
  4. digipoi

    TT-R 90 mods... A visual guide... PDF file.

    My sons bike is running super sweet now. I had a problem along the way with extreme popping. I had remodified the pipe and still the same. The issue lied within those little airbox breathers. I put four in at the most strategic locations but air was being withheld. The ones I used had a plastic screen molded into then and found it actually restricts airflow (keep in mind I used two side by side [almost] instead of the snorkel). Once I ripped the foam out of that area and cut the plastic screen off, the sucker screamed nuts kine. Thats all, sorry for being a pain the ass.
  5. digipoi

    TT-R 90 mods... A visual guide... PDF file.

    For anyone that cares, I finally found a part at NAPA to put at the end of the crankcase breather hose. Intimidator Air Breather I got the chrome one. No more motor oil spilling into the carb. I get my jets in today so I can finally get the little bike back up and running. A little more power and a little more failure proof. Thanks to the thread starter for the guide!
  6. digipoi

    Should I buy a TTR90?

    My sons TTR has both the moose handguards (without any plastic) and shift lever. I put the handguards on before I even started up the bike. In the first five minutes, he dropped it dead on the guards and saved his brake lever. The shift lever he bent two weeks ago side swiping a rock. I highly recommend both items.
  7. digipoi

    Should I buy a TTR90?

    Youre lucky you dont live in Hawaii. 1900 OTD. The original asking price was 2250!
  8. digipoi

    ttr50 smoking

    Same thing happened to my sons 90. The airbox was filled with oil, had to take it all apart including the carb and give it a thorough cleaning (twice in the past two weeks). Im in the process of removing the hose and running it straight to atmosphere. I cant stand the design.
  9. digipoi

    Eh! TTR-90E Skidplate

    Protect the engine casings from getting pummeled by nailing large rocks, its how the shift lever got bent, not from dropping it. Glide plates are good for tracks imo, not for trails.
  10. digipoi

    PW 50 vs TTR 50 Which is better?

    Started my first son at 3.5 on a jr50 which is close to the same bike as the pw50. He is now riding a TTR90 at 5.5. Just started my 2.5 on the jr50 now with training wheels and a dog leash. Good exercise bros. If I had to do it again, Id definitely get the TTR50. Its small enough to manage but has enough power to carry them a little longer without the need for an upgrade. The pw50 and jr50 bikes absolutely suck at climbing hills. You will find yourself rescuing them when they start taking chances. Plus, you could add a little more life to them by raising handlebars, seat, stiffer suspension etc. The TTR50 is a better value by far. Its also not much taller. If you do decide to get a pw50, get a used one. Dont spend the bucks on it. My opinion from my experience. Good luck! At least youre gonna get him riding one way or another.
  11. digipoi

    Eh! TTR-90E Skidplate

    brappppp! Anybody found one yet?
  12. digipoi

    TT-R 90 mods... A visual guide... PDF file.

    Im not sure whats the difference with the models but seems the minor skidplate that came with my 06 90 tries to keep the rough away from the electric starter. Its better than I suppose. Still want a skidplate that has the wingers but no one seems to have one. I got a suggestion for the guide though, what about showing something that reroutes that transmission breather tube somewhere else instead of into the airbox. The bike takes a beating when it drops and pours engine oil into the airbox. I had to take the whole thing apart everytime my son rides and drops it. Going to get a one way vent or something, stopping by checkers to see what they offer.
  13. digipoi

    TT-R 90 mods... A visual guide... PDF file.

    Thanks, I suppose you answered the question with the minimal gain factor. Does that mean even without the airbox vents, I would still need to up the jets?
  14. digipoi

    Eh! TTR-90E Skidplate

    Thats a glide plate model, Im looking for enduro style with the wingers on the side to protect the casings. Thanks though, I seen the other makes in the TT store but not this one.
  15. digipoi

    TT-R 90 mods... A visual guide... PDF file.

    Ho guys. Is the airbox vents really necessary for this mod? Is it dangerous to install with rainforest conditions? What if my boy hits deep mud puddles or a river crossing? Would it still suck in decent air without the vents? Bros, let me know what you thinking, I gotta ask the questions.