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  1. Ennio

    Pictures of Thumperettes!!

    Hey!! what a nice grls are around here!! Good for u all!! Tnx God even here in Italy grls are getting used to ride offroad bikes and partecipate to enduro and mx races... and even more some of them are strong riders!! Great hug to u all.
  2. Ennio


    Hi, 1) you now know u can't idle the bike on the stand more than 1 or 2 minutes, or it get hot, and even more in the break in time, it can have some damages to the head and gasket. 2) wait before to buy a 1.6 cap, it's not the solution, u have to use the bike and see that it works in normal conditions without loosing coolant, as it has to do, 1.6 cap is needed in hot conditions and for fast riders, u look like a normal rider (as I am) and a 1.1 stock has to work fine. 3) if u keep having coolant problems, may be u have problems in the gasket, as i had with my 04 brand new. My prob was that i didn't know it and I wait long before to fix it. I had to restore cylinder and head surfaces flat and change the gasket, was a prob of air flow into the coolant chamber. 4) I even changed the coolant flow, to make rads work the same way, but i think it's not a requirement to have the bike work fine for a slow-medium rider (as I am) 5) here in Italy i had a 3 months guarantee, and i used it to change a burned CDI box, ask if u can have any guarantee 6) don't worry about your choice, it was good ! I know a yzf is more reliable, but to ride kxf is even more fun, if it requires some tuning... u will face it
  3. Ennio

    Coolant flow

    Hi, in my kx250f i have the rerouting coolant mod. I see that around traks everybody try different solutions and understand which one's the best is difficult. Anyhow i have a new pipe welded at the top of the left radiator, just down the cap, and the Y connector more or less in font of the head cover. I even have a bigger hose from the left rad bottom to the connection over the pump. Of course a new bigger aluminium connector welded at bottom of the left rad instead of the smaller one and the connector over the pump modified to accept a bigger hose. This way i have all the hoses same size, like Cr and YZ. It looks like it works, my rads, as soon as i stop riding, looks hot the same, but i checked with my hand, i didn't use any tool, may be the left one is always a bit warmer. Somebody takes away the top connection between the two rads plugging it, but i kept is as stock. Anyhow i think that nobody can say u exactly what to do, bec of everybody just try something to make both rads work the same. In 05 models the coolant flow is the same of 04, it looks like at Kawa they think it's ok...
  4. Ennio

    frame paint

    Wouldn't u like to chromiumplate it?(is the term right?) I see here some guys does it and the result is nice, of course is a matter of taste, personally i like it.
  5. Ennio

    Hot starting

    Looks like you are lean... try to increase the pilot, anyhow, if it happens when cold, before kick it blip two times the throttle, to give some fuel. I start it cold this way and works fine (in enduro races u have just one minute to start the bike... i see that kxf with the proper setting always start FIRST chick)
  6. Ennio

    Hot starting

    Hi, I had some problems in starting my bike hot at beginning, but i think is just a matter of tune the bike: - As Float say, u can try to increase the pilot size, he say 45 and i have 49 (here is north Italy) that's can be a real improvement - never blip the throttle, it can be fatal. I just blip it two times before starting it cold. - kickstart freezes, yes, when u try many times to start it it may happen, i dunnow why but i don't think is a problem, anyhow you wouldn't have to try so many times. KXF is an easy starting bike, mine starts cold or hot, with or without gear inserted, u have to pretend the same by your bike, just work on it or find a skilled machanic. - My bike had problems at the electrical control (in italian is "centralina") and i changed it in guarantee, anyhow with defects in that the bike doesn't start at all. -of course valves clearance has to be ok.. hope my post may be useful. bye
  7. Ennio


    Hi, I confirm u the 04 kx model has a great lighting ability, i use it in enduro local races and in the bikes check it's sometime required to show lights. Anyhow consider u have to add a current regulator, or u'll burn your light bulbs. I check if i can find the wiring diagram to send u.
  8. Ennio

    IS it worth IT???

    Hi, i have a kx250f , is a great bike, u'll have fun. I bought it soon, in the end of 2003 and may be first bikes had some problems: i changed an ignition box (the blk one, back to the front numberplate) in guarantee, (here in Italy there is a 3 months guarantee, dunnow abroad..) and i had some problems with the head gasket. What i can see here is that YZs r more reliable than kx,rm or cr. But the fact that in 2006 they will change frame doesn't make it, in my opinion, a great buy, moreover kxf and rmz got the best power in the class. You have to even consider CR frame, is simple to ride and quick, i think it turns and jump a bit better than kx/rm. In my opinion the best u can do is to find somebody that makes u try the bike/bikes and u'll buy what u like more. Anyhow, the three bikes(kx and rm r the same stuff) r great bikes, u'll have fun.
  9. Ennio

    2005 KX250F

    Hi, I want to answer to mr. dirtmachine: of course to run my bike with half the coolant in last two races has been a mistake, i knew was a risky situation, infact I kept my bike slow on the transfer track and just used it hard on the chronemeter-timed part. I didn't know what the problem was and even wanted to close the local championship partecipating to every races even if the prob was getting worse. Anyway this is my business, u can't call idiot everybody does something different of what u would do. The real idiot is you, that come here to insult people like me, just registred in this site, coming from another country and giving effort to partecipate here. I see u r a TT Bronze Member, with almost 500 posts here. I really hope that TTsite didn't upgrade u for giving idiot around 500 times, or litigate like is happening now in the "new bike shootouts"... Here in Italy we have a site very similar to this one, very nice but of course smaller, but i never saw somebody distribute idiot around, for any reason and i see nobody does it even here, but u. My first intention after your insult was to give up reading and writing on TT, but i see that around here rude this way is just you, I hope u r at least a very fast rider, even if this wouldn't allow u to insult other off road bikers. I apologize with everybody for the time lost in reading this answer.
  10. Hi, 'm not a fast rider but i race and ride for 20 years, I would love to say u this : in my opinion if u don't feel relaxed while jumping u can consider two things: ask an expert rider to check your bike suspension, suspension must be balanced and tuned for your level. If that's ok... may be u r trying to jump too much or too fast. Your objective doesn't have to be to jump hight or jump faraway, but jump relaxed. If your level doesn't allow to jump fast, just jump slow, feel your bike with knees and train. U have to improve slowly but fixing basis for faster riding. Don't mind to control bike while flying, if u r not relxed and u feel like a bungee jumping every time u can't improve and can't control nothing. Don't mind if every rider jump more, mind yourself, if u jump and feel good, was ok, if u felt nervous, was a wrong jump. U can't improve in 10 or 100 jumps, u'll see results after 10000 jumps... (is not much.. 10 jumps a lap, 100 laps a day... r just 10 days..) We jump for fun... or not.. a broken shoulder is not fun, no ?
  11. Ennio

    Pics of TM's?

    TMs r very powerful bikes, comes out ready to race and r very professional. They got all the stuff is top choice from suspension to handlebar, pipe, brakes, hubs and rims. The enduro models r (with KTMs and Husky) best choice for enduro races, better than jap models. In my opinion TMs r better for faster riders. bye
  12. Ennio

    new bike shootouts...

    I agree with the fact that magazine tests r not that reliable... test the bike u want to buy by yourself, and take a decision. Magazines r good to watch nice pics and have a general idea of the bike. I read italian magazines, MXA and some other stuff and often they even describe different impressions and r in disagreement... Take the bike YOU like more, not THE MAG likes more... bye
  13. Ennio

    2005 KX250F

    Hey, 'm from Italy, wanted to say something... sorry for my english. I got a 04 kx250f, i race mx and enduro in local events, i had prolems in loosing coolant, i figured out my bike was boiling (bec of every magasines told that), and i kept adding coolant for long... than my mechanic at local shop took the head apart and saw there was a simple problem of air from chamber to coolant blowing it up like a tire and pushing out coolant. I even changed the coolant flow adding the T hose like nearly all the kxf ownwers and the bike works fine. I've been impressed by this fact : the bike is very reliable, bec of in some races, even enduro, I lost more than half coolant 5 minutes after the start and even racing the bike out of coolant the bike had no damage, started always first kick and valves r ok. In my opinion is a good bike, of course i don't use it like a mowing machine, but like a race bike. I see in my local track somebody using 250 4T like a 125... and even mince yzf, that in my opinion is the most reliable... overrun the engine doesn't mean ride fast, to ride fast just insert gears when the engine ask for it... and every modern jap bike will be more reliable. I'm wrong ?