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  1. DRZ400Squid

    My yearly "has anyone been to Reiter?" thread

    Thanks Gman, I ended up skipping it cuz of this damn flu... and it sounds like it'll be snowing up there this week... so I'll probably be forced to ride Tahuya next weekend.... again. Oh well.
  2. Thinkin about goin up tomorrow, just wondering if anyone has anything to report...
  3. DRZ400Squid

    New Pipe? CHECK! Custom guard?....

    Will do.. to be honest I just had the stuff around.. I peeled it off(which was tricky) set it back on and added 3 more layers of cloth tonight. I'm thinking about laying in a gridwork of high temp silicone, about 1/4" thick, letting it cure and then mounting it. I think this would be a perfect "buffer". And again I'm kinda counting on the guard cracking/spider webbing as this is a very effective method of absorbing energy.
  4. DRZ400Squid

    New Pipe? CHECK! Custom guard?....

    Polyester.. I may need more layers, but my thinking is along the lines of the helmet.. something that will disipate energy through self destruction.. so I don't want to make it too strong. Keep in mind that I plan to "buffer" it from the pipe with some sort of padding. I think it will be total win, but I think lots of things so we'll see. I will update. It's hard to beat the price.
  5. Well almost, but it's begun. One layer of fiberglass cloth, pulled tight and held with tape. Rough outline drawn with sharpee. The rest I did all in one shot. Resin applied with a peice of a plastic sign that some douche left in my yard(like a squeegee). Second layer of cloth applied.. in scraps, and squeegeed. Logo applied... this is the cool part. You can put anything you want in there, but paper works great and you can still see it through a few layers of cloth. Third layer applied to big side and over logo(if you can call it that) and squeegeed again. This is the crucial part, the cloth turns clearish when it's properly saturated and then you just scrape the extra off for great justice. Idealy I'd have sandwiched a layer of mat between 2 layers of cloth for better strength, but this is what I had around and unfortunately I may need to add another layer or two, but we'll see. So far I have about $7 worth of material, that I had laying around anyway, and an hour of my time. I still have to peel it off, trim it, sand a little, get a few hose clamps and line it with something.. not yet sure what though, maybe some pipe wrap or padded heat shield. I'd like to pad the pipe a little so impact energy doesn't just get directed at connection points. I figure I'll be maybe $30 into a custom guard that is more effective than anything on the market for twice the price.
  6. Hahaha... Noooo. The Dr's a 28hp beast that should never be compared to or ridden like a MX bike. I've ridden a few 4ts and raced one in a 24hr, but most of my observation comes from seeing where I make time on people in front of me and paying attention to where I gap the people behind me. Most of it comes from the launch out of corners and a bit comes from jumping over sections of obstacles that they're "tractoring" through, but all of my advantage comes from these 2 things alone. I loose time on hill climbs and when I get closer to the top of the gearbox. So, all of my experience tells me that 4ts make more tractable power, while 2ts make thier power faster. 4ts have a broader power band and 2ts have a harder hit.
  7. DRZ400Squid

    changing gears while standing

    Yes... I have my shift and brake levers adjusted for standing use. It's easier to lift your feet to brake and shift when sitting.
  8. DRZ400Squid

    Shifting in wheelies

    If the throttle is pretty neutral there's nothing wrong with upshifting without the clutch. But, if you're hard on the throttle and there's a lot of pressure on the gears you can bend a fork or chip a tooth. This should be self evident.... if it feels hard to shift then you're not doinitrite and should stop
  9. DRZ400Squid


    That reminds me of something else.... Cut off your callouses..... I started doing this about a year ago and haven't had a blister since. I'm a carpenter to start, ride a bicycle almost daily and of course the dirtbike all add up to some fairly big callouses and I realized that I only get blisters under them. So I tried slicing them off and sanding smooth with a little 120grit and it works great.(just the big ones... middle, ring and pinky fingers) Now I do it pretty much every time I cut my nails. If you have big callouses you might think about trying this.
  10. DRZ400Squid


    Perfect...... You can also do the same w/duct tape, it sticks a little better but is a little more likely to roll on the edges. And, like the article says, make sure your hands are very clean. Citrus cleaner or alchohol at least. The cleaner they are the better it will stick.
  11. That's tough. For more open flowy stuff and especialy desert I'd probably go with a 4t and prefer one for this kind of terrain. But for tighter, more technical stuff I gotta go with the 2t. And since I tend to ride a lot more tight and nasty trail, I'll stick with my RM. It's all about the instant power. While 4ts are good for "tractoring" through, it's not a philosophy I'm willing to adopt. I'm not sayin they don't make gobs of usable power, just that the delivery is a little slower. I simply prefer to be able to put all 48hp to the ground instantly, whenever I want. It's great for clearing obstacles and especialy for launching out of corners and generating instant speed on trails that don't offer much space between turns. 2ts lend themselves to the "Trail riding is just a series of drag races" point and shoot mentality. This is how I know I'm a 2t rider.... I just find them to be a lot more fun to ride. While 4ts require a little smoother overall approach to be able to use all the power. But in the more open stuff they are certainly faster than 2ts.
  12. DRZ400Squid

    Off bike balance training

    I started riding a trials bicycle this year and it's lots of fun.... Don't really know if it's improved by motorbike riding though.
  13. DRZ400Squid

    steering dampener

    I didn't mean to thread jack or take away from the question, it's just a pet peeve of mine and my post was simply meant to inform, not insult. But, since I'm already interupting, again, I might as well give my take on things. Just my semi-educated opinion. A stabilizer works, just like your shock and forks, by virtue of converting energy into the movement of (or through) a viscous fluid and then controlling the flow with a valve/damper. A device that controls the flow of a gas or fluid is a damper and the terms damp, damper and damping speak very specificly to this consistent, controllable, dynamic process. Now a steering stabilizer may or may not technicaly be a damper, but it functions by having one in it as it's only working component, so I think it's perfectly acceptable to refer to it as one. The term dampen (or dampening) is often used to desribe a deadening of energy from impact, vibration or sound, but is a broad term that generaly refers to the act and not the device. Like, the eurethane bushings in your truck's suspension and steering act to dampen vibration by slowing it down and/or converting it to heat, egg crates dampen sound in a studio by difusing and converting it into vibration, or the foam in your helmet or bumper spreads impact energy over a greater area and converts it into the destruction of itself and heat. But the term doesn't imply control or adjustability of how or how much of the energy is dealt with and certainly doesn't imply a consistent dynamic process. Not to say that there isn't a dynamic process occuring, just that the term doesn't refer to it, except to say that it is occuring. With the exception of the piezoelectric shunt dampener, you rarely hear things that act to dampen called dampeners because they are usualy refered to as what they are instead of what they do. Like, you would be right to call a bulletproof vest a personal high velocity projectile impact dampener, but you'd sound like a douche. That is all........ for real this time.
  14. DRZ400Squid

    Cutting Down The Bars...Riding Position

    I feel like..... I've.... been here..... before.....? At 6" myself, I like my bars at 31'+ wide(31.5 right now) and I still ride with my hands at the end of the grips. I should qualify that by saying that my RM is very quick steering to begin with, so even with the wide stance it's still super nimble. And, the pushup test puts me at about 34', so I run a bar with little sweep and if I did want a narrower bar I'd have to find something with no sweep or my wrists would kill me and I'd drop my elbows. Which would be totaly unacceptable, but since I'm happy with where I'm at I guess I don't have to worry about it. Ride what's comfortable (period) (and yes, I know)
  15. DRZ400Squid

    steering dampener

    D A M P E R.... Damper Dampener That is all.