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  1. Grant2k

    Why Fire wire?

    USB 2.0 is 480 but either cable is probably capable of transfering it faster than your computer so thats the real restriciction. so as long as your computer has USB 2.0 ports you probably wouldnt notice the difference between USB and firewire unless your computer is ready to handle the 400 or 480 incomine megs per second.
  2. Grant2k

    Suzuki DR125

    From what ive found your not going to find a lot of info on 125s in any forum ive come acorss. I have can tell you for my '82 125 there is basically no aftermarket support for it but the newer ones might have a little more, not that i really need it because its so reliable. I would guess, since i have no real way of knowing, that ive had mine up to maybe 50 on the street, or close to it, and my bike wasnt in top shape at the time (still isnt). i hope this helps a little, and ill check out your other forum because a forum for 125 thumpers would be great.
  3. after my bike tipping over once with some cheap wal-mart "cam buckle" straps i spent the money on some good come alongs ratchet style. i'm just not big enough to pull the non ratcheting ones tight enough and being able to really crank them down gives me piece of mind if nothing else. and if you don't buy cheap straps they won't fail you. i also use the non ratcheing type for extra support. i would rather look stupid with a million straps and spend more time strapping my bike down than spend the time and money to fix it when it falls of the trailer and does some real damage.
  4. Grant2k

    Possible move to New Jersey?

    i'll agree riding in New Jersey sucks but don't get down on the whole state. I live in Hunterdon County, just south of you Warren and Sussex boys and you have to search and meet people for riding spots but they're there. But outside of riding it's a cool state with a lot to do if you just look around. It's a really unique state, i live basically right between NYC and Philadelphia, near Flemington if you've heard of it, where the Lihnburg trial took place. It's HELLA expensive to live here and outsourcing and wal-marts are destroying the job market but I STILL LOVE NEW JERSEY.
  5. Grant2k

    some DR125 questions

    can anybody tell me the crankcase oil capacity and valve clearances for an 82 DR125? it's old but i thought at least the amount of oil it uses might be the same as a later model. this bike's in great shape and i just want to be able to keep up with it. i'm having a hard time finding a manual so this basic info would do for now. thanks.
  6. Grant2k

    will it fit?

    Does anybody know if a gas tank from a 1987 DR125 will fit an 82?
  7. the idea is cool but that's just such a waste of resources.
  8. Grant2k

    This car should fly..........

    i've seen that car in a few magazines. it's pretty crazy looking.
  9. Grant2k

    seat repair

    not for a 22 year old DR125. i think i actually have some vinyl at home but i'll need blue so i will have to get some, but that's no problem i'll give it a shot. thanks for the help.
  10. Grant2k

    seat repair

    hi this is my first time posting here, had a question about repairing a torn seat. does anybody know a way to repair a seat without recovering the whole thing and something that looks better than duct tape? should i just try and sew it and if so with what? thanks for your help.