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  1. Heavyduff

    NW Motorcycle Association a Sham?!?

    justjeff ,your money has been well spent to a good cause .have a little patience and you will recieve your reward.they are a little slow but always follow through
  2. Heavyduff

    Stolen Bike Federal Way WA

    Thanks toy
  3. Heavyduff

    Stolen Bike Federal Way WA

    My Riding buddy,Chad,some of you know him and have ridden with him ,had his bike Ripped Off sometime between sun and tues eve. 2004 YZ 250 It is probably parted out by now but maybe not.If you see a suspicious 2004 YZ250 in disguise the last four of the vin is 4858,please holler at me i'm certain some type of reward will be appropriate.It had a brand new below the bars GPR Stabilizer(Blue) w/triple clamp(Also Blue annodized).blue shorty ASV front brake lever.At the time of theft he had 217 number plates.IronMan sprockets gold x-ring chain.
  4. Heavyduff

    Big Problem - Broken Bolt and camchain question

    If the punch and tap method doesn't work you could try drill out extractors. http://www.costplustools.com/store/show_product/?product_id=43141
  5. Heavyduff

    Trail tech Speedometer HELP!!!

    I had 2 go out on me as well,no explanation Trail tech replaced them no questions.
  6. Heavyduff

    Hot cams

    how can i tell if I have a manual or an auto,just by year mine is an o2.Explain the time bomb thing. Anyone ?
  7. Heavyduff

    Hot cams

    how can i tell if I have a manual or an auto,just by year mine is an o2.Explain the time bomb thing.
  8. Heavyduff

    Hot cams

    quote]many here use both hotcams.it does not have the auto decomp on the ex cam,but its not a issue with stock compression. its a very noticeable gain,and good gain for the money. the 436 kit is $450 from millenium and the way go. big bore and cams is like a tottally different bike. So does the 436 kit change the compression and does starting become an issue if you do the big bore and cams?how much are the cams?And what about valves and valve springs do you stay with stock valving?
  9. Heavyduff

    big bore kit ?Which one ?

    I have my 02 drz(e) apart for valve issues and I was thinking about doing some high performance mods.I'd like some fresh feed back on big bore kits.Easiest,bestperformance etc.Which is the most popular?
  10. Heavyduff

    Valve grinding/head work

    THANKS !
  11. Heavyduff

    Valve grinding/head work

    Do you have any machine shop reccommendations for head work ?
  12. Heavyduff

    Valve grinding/head work

    neither.I rode it out of the woods but it was getting pretty loud (rapping)from the head .I shut it down.The next time I tried to start it ran for a minute and then backfired and that was all she wrote.
  13. Heavyduff

    stubborn screw

    Another option is to try A "Drill out" or "X-out" damaged srew extractor bit,They work well and are pretty cheap at sears or an auto parts store .They are essentially a left handed bit that will bite into the screw and back it out while drilling
  14. Heavyduff

    Valve grinding/head work

    My first thought right after injesting water was that I bent some thing(valves or Con rod)I'm just not sure which way to go from here.Piston looked clean and bore was smooth.I have not removed cylinder yet. head removed cams remove I poured gas into both sides. no leak down past valves.Please advise
  15. Heavyduff

    Valve grinding/head work

    lobes at 10 & 2 cam gears still located with original factory paint markings.cam gears and chain looked in good shape( to the naked eye )valves were tight at tdc no clearance what so ever.