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  1. I want it! sees the KTM-level price. Nevermind...
  2. Sounds like it could be an issue with the evap canister. I think it hooks up to the gas tank somehow (I don't remember, mine is gone because the CBR300R engine I swapped in doesn't have the required vacuum line for it to work).
  3. Well, since this topic is back from the dead, here's another thought. I think I read some people run Rotella in these bikes and it works okay and is safe for a wet clutch? I usually run Rotella full synthetic 15W-40 in my truck. It holds 10 quarts, but they come by the gallon so I have to buy 12 quarts. Which leaves just enough to do an oil change on the bike with the remainder, and Rotella is quite a bit cheaper than the motorcycle-branded oil I normally use.
  4. I'm back. This winter was awful but I think it's finally over, been commuting on the CRF300L. Haven't had any fun on it because the local OHV park burned down.
  5. A bit past 12,000 miles on my 2014, and on its second engine already. Someone's gotta be the sucker who lowers the reliability averages.
  6. The bike is just way more responsive all the way up through 75 MPH. It's geared lower now which has been a good change in the woods. It will almost power wheelie in 1st and I'm running stock sprockets. However, my 250 was almost certainly a factory defect that I couldn't get my dealer to address and I'm pretty sure it had a worn main bearing or something similarly bad. By the time I swapped it, it vibrated like nuts and only got 30 mpg. Take that into account when you see me compare the 300 to the 250.
  7. I looked into the CB500 before I did my engine swap, not sure if that's different than the CBR500. There was one post at another forum somewhere where a guy did it, but it required cutting and welding the frame and he was also vague on what he did with the electronics. Meanwhile the CBR300R engine is pretty much a direct swap except for a couple minor modifications to electrical connectors. A 500 would be pretty awesome. Still, the 300 is a huge upgrade over the 250, and I really think the CRF should have come stock with the 300 instead of the engine it has.
  8. The racks are from Dirt Racks. I don't even use them anymore, my subframe is twisted up (and slightly cracked in one place) just enough that I can't get the mounting holes to line up anymore . One of my spring projects will probably be to replace the subframe.
  9. I don't believe the CBR300R engine has a judder spring in the clutch. It's not any harder to pull than the stock 250 clutch, but it sure grabs a lot better.
  10. On this bike, I once missed the sidestand without realizing it while parking, and the bike fell and knocked me over while I dismounted. And I was parked in front of a bank with an all-glass frontage so all the employees inside witnessed it. Worst spill ever was on my old CRF230L at a motocross track. I took a big jump by accident. I'm not sure what happened in the air but I landed on the ground and the bike landed on top of me a moment later. No serious injuries from that but I thought I was in bad shape for the first minute or so afterwards.
  11. I went the other direction on mine. Added some cargo mods, fuel packs, and such, and mine's probably close to 350 pounds. It's fine on the trails, even single track, until I wipe out and then I'm often exhausted by the time I get it free of whatever mess I made. I miss my CRF230L on the trails. But the 250 is so much better on the road so there's a compromise either way.
  12. My speedometer was dead-on even after I did the CBR300 engine swap, which really surprised me.
  13. You can remove a few pounds here and there, but it won't amount to much. If the weight is an issue than the CRF250L might not be for you.
  14. 2014 CRF250L with a CBR300R engine. I've hit 75 MPH with the new engine in 6th gear, which is geared quite a bit lower than stock, and it sounds just about tapped out on RPM so I don't think it would go much more. With the stock engine it normally topped out around 65 - 70 though it could go faster if conditions were right, I once hit 87 MPH while going down a mountain on I-70 in Colorado with a tailwind while drafting behind a speeding minivan.
  15. I had a bad RPM-related engine vibration too. Power suffered, my fuel economy was terrible, and my mechanic thought it might have been a bad main bearing or such. It completely disappeared when I did my CBR300 engine swap. I've seen a few reports around the Internet of unexplained engine vibration even on a low-mileage CRF250L engine. I can't help but wonder if there was a bad lot of parts that made it into a few of them. (I'm not saying that's happening to your bike, just offering my experience.)
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