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  1. munster

    Bar selection??

    I like the pro taper Reed/Doug Henry Bend.
  2. munster

    Mental Mind Set

    Any other thoughts ????
  3. munster

    Mental Mind Set

    I was wonderin if there is a Mental Mind set for race day. Your race plan, and how to get pressure off. How to prepare for the race before hand ???
  4. munster

    confidence ???

    Wax ??? Crazy awsome... mtfbwy!
  5. munster

    confidence ???

    That the best Idea Yet.........I am all stocked now!
  6. munster

    Shifting in air for greater effect

    SAWDADDY Thanks for the tip. I do most of my shifting in the air, and never really notice that. You always want to be a higher gear. Less wheel spin on ground, and more controled power.
  7. munster

    Mx Race Prep

    Just trying to get new ways/ideas/anything to prep bike for race day ????
  8. munster

    confidence ???

    Some resion my confidence is down, and I dont know how to bring it up. Alot of people just tell me dont worry, I ride fast as it is. I am pretty sure they dont know me or the level I want to suceed. I take motocross %100 serious. Right now I feel my confidence to bigger jumps is down. I hear it so many times,friends tell me that they know I can do it, all it just MENTAL. I have found myself more confidence than other days or tracks. So I am just wondering how can I build up my confidence or go behond that mental block I have.....
  9. Thats Your answer right there....
  10. munster

    New Check my form pics

    More butt crack, which means lean the bike over a little more. You feet should be more inword with the bike. To me, maybe just the shot on you jumps you need to be more forward, and clamp yourself more to the bike I would say. Not trying to be mean or anything. If nobody going to tell ya, then how will ya now. Elbows up a bit more, and maybe up forward on your bike more on turns alos. Hard to tell from the pictures. Well awsome pics, and keep it up...
  11. munster

    a couple cornering questions

    One thing that can help you through a corner. Is less wheel spin, because of the gyro effect. Have you ever had a pedal bike tire spined real fast,and faster it got the harder was to lead the tire to both sides. So always up shift to an higher gear.
  12. munster

    When to break?

    This really depends on what type of turn it is,with ruts,flat, big berm, small berm. Have you ever had your back break tooken off. You should do that, and take it slow at frist trust me you will be reaching for it. Try being smooth, and go through the turn with the same speed all the way through. When you take of your back break be carefull on jumps, as this is really for working on your turns mainly. You want to break far as in you think you can handle with a smooth power all the way through the turn. You cant go fast then break hard then fast again it just doesn't work. You want to be fast, and carry the speed as much as you can through it. Hope this helps.
  13. munster

    Different riding

    I just switch to four storke in both class, which are 250f 450f. I have gotten use to the 250f pretty well now. I been riding the 450 for about 3 rides, and I have to say the riding it so much different. To the seting up in the turns to how smooth you are. I been going to h-5 track, and to me it is a little tight for an 450, and the jumps are so small that its hard to go fast on the 450. The feeling of the 450 sometimes makes you feel that you are going slower, beacuse of the power. One thing I do notice is that alot of jumps, turns, and so on been coming up much faster. Another thing notice was that I couldn't jude my speed that much. I was wondering if you guys have anytips where you can handle/throw around a 450 as much of a 250f.
  14. munster

    Asterisk knee braces?

    I tore my acl, and the funny part I kept on riding went home fell asleep. Then they next morrin I got out of bed feel down on my face with my knee was hurting me. I was wondering what the hell is wrong. My Dad was pushing me, and calling me a baby. Final some how I went down my 52 steps to the truck, and Dad took me to the DOC. Thought to tell you that story, beacuse I think its pretty funny. I rather break a bone that heels, than something that doesn't(JOINTS ARE THE WORST THING TO BREAK AS IN HEELING WISE). You all probly know everything I said, but at least you get to read my story.
  15. munster

    Is this a viable technique?

    After reading it about 10 times, I final found out what you really mean. Sorry I was on the wrong idea to what you ment.LOL.