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    Mostly ride Sand Dunes with my quads, I have a Ktm 525xc and a Suzuki Ltz400. I travel down to the Oregon Coast quite a bit and also Moses Lake in Eastern Wa. My favorite spot has to Coos Bay, there is so much sand and thing to explore.
  1. VanilliaGorillia

    Quad vs ATV

  2. VanilliaGorillia

    Wheelie troubles

    http://www.atvriders.com/articles/atvwheelie.html This link got my wheelies down cold helped out a lot!!!
  3. VanilliaGorillia

    Yfz problem help!

    I just remembered my ktm did the same thing. There was a tear in the carb to motor rubber boot
  4. VanilliaGorillia

    Lone Star Racing +3in. Suspension Kit

  5. VanilliaGorillia

    Suzuki LT-Z400 QuadSport Z 2003

    Not a bad quad the Ltz 400. This was my first and she does good in all terrain.
  6. VanilliaGorillia

    Suzuki LT-Z400 QuadSport Z (2003)


    Not a bad quad the Ltz 400. This was my first and she does good in all terrain.
  7. VanilliaGorillia

    KTM 525 XC (2009)


    Pure awesomeness
  8. VanilliaGorillia

    KTM 525 XC 2009

    Pure awesomeness
  9. VanilliaGorillia

    How to make more power out of a quad?

    Sounds like its time for you to get a bigger quad. 350s are weak.
  10. VanilliaGorillia

    long trip

    250 miles of what terrain?
  11. VanilliaGorillia

    Yfz450 dies

    Sounds like a dirty carb. I bet if you pull your carb and clean it out and check the adjustments it would take out that hesitation.
  12. VanilliaGorillia

    Yfz problem help!

    Did you do any work to your quad recently? Could be your CDI box went tits up. Or your carb needs a cleaning and adjustments.