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  1. Mudriver

    Checking the valves

    6 hours(better late than never)of use...had the valves checked and they were on the tight side
  2. Mudriver

    05 450EXC spedo backlight

    spin the front wheel
  3. Mudriver

    noisy Devol skid plate

    I have a devol skid plate installed on my DRZ and it hardly rattles. But I probably can't hear it because my Yosh is LOUD. KTM seems Quiet.Devol skid does not rattle on that one either
  4. Mudriver

    Biggest tire for 525exc?

    If you check the KTM web page, it shows the 525EXC with a stock rear tire of 140/80-18" and the US models come with a 110/100
  5. Mudriver

    skid plate for 05 525EXC

    thanks for the info on the frame. my skid plate came with the wrong clamps. Lucky for me that I did not start drilling
  6. will skid plates from 04 fit my 05 525. I just bought a devol skid plate and it does not fit right. I read hear on TT that the 05 frame is different...could this be my problem? any help..
  7. Not that there is any thing wrong with my DRZ, but this thing rocks! Feels like I lost 100 LBs. wow! Got my bike in a crate Sat, went riding on Sun. Can't wipe the smile off my face.