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  1. C0leTrain

    Honda TRX450R 2004

    2004 450r. +3 stroke, +2 bore, ported, Je 13:1, 42.5 CRF FCR, full Rossier, Running alcohol
  2. C0leTrain

    Honda TRX450R (2004)


    2004 450r. +3 stroke, +2 bore, ported, Je 13:1, 42.5 CRF FCR, full Rossier, Running alcohol
  3. C0leTrain

    New to a TRX 400

    I know first hand that the 450r shocks ARE much softer than the stock pogo sticks on the 400. You have to get shocks off of a 04 or 05 model. The 06 and up are designed for the track as you stated, and are much stiffer.
  4. C0leTrain

    Honda Best sand tire for a 416ex?

    I will be going to the atv Jamboree in Genoa, Nebraska this June and will need at least rear paddles. What is a good paddle tire for sand trails and the occasional drag?
  5. C0leTrain

    New to a TRX 400

    If you can get a set of nice 04 or 05 shocks that would be the best. They will be a little more plush than the other model years.
  6. C0leTrain

    New to a TRX 400

    Oh yes definitely. A nice set of $800 Elkas would be better, but you can't beat $200 on ebay.
  7. C0leTrain

    Keep or trade

    For trails, a 416 with a high compression piston, and a good cam for low end power is hard to beat. Upgrade to the trx450r front shocks and you're good to go for much less than $1600.
  8. C0leTrain

    New to a TRX 400

    Upgrade your front shocks. Trx450r shocks bolt right on with some very very minor modification.
  9. C0leTrain

    400ex stripping valve cover bolts

    Well it was a used head i got off freebay, so i have no idea. Finally got it all back together after several helicoils and it now runs great.
  10. C0leTrain

    400ex low end mods

    Well just keep in mind that if you are to go the 440 route later on down the road, if you want to do it right it's going to cost you big time. Larger carb, suffer valve springs, oversize valves, port and polish, oversize oil cooler, HD head studs, and a whole new sleeve. By the time you add all that up it would be more cost effective to sell your bike and get a 450. For trails, the 416 kit is hard to beat. It will give your bike a lot of low end grunt and matched with a low end cam it will shred trails like nobody's business. Just thought I would put in my $.02 and personal experience.
  11. C0leTrain

    400ex low end mods

    Be sure to wash your bike before you rip into it and get a decent torque wrench
  12. C0leTrain

    400ex low end mods

    Putting a big bore in a 400ex is super easy. Follow the shop manual step by step. Double check to make sure all of the timing notches are lined up, and the piston is at top dead center when you put it back together. I did mine myself and it runs like a champ. As long as you have an idea of how the engine operates it's hard to mess up.
  13. C0leTrain

    400ex cool kit

    The 400ex is air cooled.... The only time you will get overheating problems is with a 440 kit. I hear good things about the FST kits. If you have a 416 or a 426 a second oem oil cooler will do the trick. I have a 416 and have had no problems without a secondary cooler yet.
  14. C0leTrain

    Buying a 1999 Honda 400ex

    If it's a good deal and the connecting rod didn't go through the cases I would buy it.
  15. C0leTrain

    Buying a 1999 Honda 400ex

    The 400ex is a killer quad. The only time you would have overheating problems is with a 440 bigbore in tight trails. Thy are super easy to work on and the parts are cheap. The frame is really strong and they handle like a dream. You can't go wrong with the Hondas.