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  1. I was repacking the FMF Shorty silencer, and I can't seem to get the can back on the core. I heated it up with a heat gun a little bit. any body have a similar problem?
  2. Well I ended up getting the RM125. The forks leak, the fork guards are broken, the carb likes to overflow, and I think the main jet is clogged. Sounds like my kind of bike! PS: Sorry for the blurry picture, but I didn't look at them when I took them, and it's dark now.
  3. My thoughts exactly. I'm going to go look at that guy's rm125 tomorrow. If I get the rm125, I can rebuild it for $493, and that will put me just over $1400. The good thing is, I have a bike to ride while I work on this one.
  4. I talked to the guy with the "yz 125 for trade or sell", and he said it's a 97. The front axle clamp scares me on those, so I think I'll talk to Mr. $800 YZ125, or the guy with the RM125.
  5. I've been racing motocross for almost a year now, and I'm looking to get a 125. So, what 125 should I get? I have a budget of $1400. Here are some I have been looking at. 2001 RM125: http://palmsprings.craigslist.org/mcy/5230913575.html 1996-2001 YZ125: http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/5257592035.html 1999 YZ125 http://imperial.craigslist.org/mcy/5233243930.html Thanks, Jake
  6. I posted this thread on Facebook, and after several suggestions I have done this. There are two posts contained in the following message; I've seperated them with blank space. I pulled the flywheel again and the woodruff key is missing. I've sweeped the garage and gone over it with a magnet, I might get an inspection camera and check the oil pathways. I've checked everywhere I can with the camera, and stuck a magnet everywhere, and haven't found anything. As it turns out, you can buy keys at auto parts stores. I got some there, and there was one just a little too big. I filed it down and put it in and it seems to be fine. I changed the oil, cleaned the oil filter (I have a reusable one) and put everything back together and it started. YAAAAAAAAYYYYYY.
  7. While racing, the bike bogged and died while accelerating. I checked the spark, and there was nothing. I traced it back to the stator, and while I was taking it apart I noticed a screw had fallen out of a sensor. I took the flywheel off, and the screw had stuck to the inside, and cut some wires. I replaced the stator, and I now have a spark. I put everything back together, and it wouldn't start. I pulled the sparkplug out and there was still a spark. I replaced the plug, and it still wouldn't start, not even fire. I checked the valve clearance, and everything was in-spec. I cleaned the carb, and cleaned the airfilter. No luck. I smelled the gas, and it didn't smell quite right, so I smelled the gas in the gas-can it came from, and it smelled terrible, so I replaced the gas with pump 91 (Which I have always used.) It still wouldn't start. I put octane-booster in, and it still won't start.
  8. What gear are you in when you do the wheelie at 20 seconds?
  9. I just got the exhaust back! It's all shiny now. They even replaced the spark arrestor, which was missing.
  10. Sounds fine, but for $50 more, plus shipping, they repack it, make it all shiny, and replace the emblem.
  11. After e-mailing with DR.D, I decided to go with their repair program. for $150, they repair anything, buff it, and replace the emblem. I'll post pictures when I get it back.
  12. Will exhaust from a 2006 go onto my '05?
  13. I went to the welding place, and they said they couldn't weld it, because the metal was too thin, and there were too many holes, and the metal would just burn up. So any other ideas? I can buy a new one if I have to, I just don't want to.
  14. It stuck. But I was worried it might not be strong enough.
  15. I'm kinda scared to use saftey wire, I'm worried it might not be strong enough. There are a few welders nearby, I think I'll bring it down tomorrow, and see if they can weld it.
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