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  1. bultaco370

    XR600 CRF450 Fork Swap

    So curious how these bushings held up ???
  2. bultaco370

    Husqvarna 701 Enduro 2017

  3. bultaco370

    Husqvarna 701 Enduro (2017)

    1 comment

  4. bultaco370

    2007 525 Exc Sm?

  5. bultaco370

    Is 5K a good price for a new 525 MXC??

    get it and plate if you buy it. then if you want to dual sport it all you have to do is order a kit (headlight, tailight, ect.)
  6. bultaco370

    Is 5K a good price for a new 525 MXC??

    i just paid $5499 for my new 05 525 mxc so thats a better deal than i got! i think the cam and compression are different than the SX . might be down a few hp over the sx but not something i am worried about.
  7. bultaco370

    How do you "Win" at the Dealership???

    i just bought a new leftover 525 mxc for $5499 in lynwood to other BS. they also had a few other 05 models discounted real deep. shop for a leftover if it will work for you.
  8. the 07 exc is what i wanted but i paid just a little over $6000 out the door and i will probably spend 500-600 for the dual sport kit. i like the black wheels also on the 07 but i could always buy a set of wheels later on. i still havent got to go ride it yet. never stops raining when i am off. want to get a skid plate and some hand guards also.
  9. just got home from lynwood with the bike! $5499 + tax. thought it was a pretty good deal and i got the plate. so now i am going to have to light it up in the next few weeks.
  10. i wont buy the bike unless i get the plate. i told them i would deal with lights and everthing else. they said they can do it no problem so we will see. deals off if i cant get it licensed by them (plate). did you title your husky as off road first and then try to get it street legal? i think doing it right up front when its new is the only way!
  11. might pick up a 525mxc and get it plated for the street. what parts do i need? like tailight/ brake light, blinkers. wiring. not going to be on the street much with it just dont want to load it in the truck to go play when its just a few miles to the track/woods. i sold my drz400s. just to heavy and felt i needed more power! i am hoping this 525mxc will satisfy me!
  12. bultaco370

    If crap had wheels , it was called Honda FMX650...

    if they used the xr650r motor with the aluminum frame then it would be an awesome bike. if i wanted air cooled i would buy a harley
  13. bultaco370

    $539.99 for used FCR????

    i wish i could get that kind of money for parts on e-bay.
  14. bultaco370

    Dual Sport slicks on ebay...

    bid now! bid often! wow thats like trying to sell used toilet paper?
  15. bultaco370

    who says you cant fly an "S"

    looks good to me!