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  1. Kinger317

    Power Jet #40

    Try 45 pilot, N3EW-3, 40 power jet, 175 Main. That might run well at your elevation with the fuel you're running. If it's fat you could always go to a 172 main. Genuine Kehin jets
  2. Kinger317

    Power Jet #40

    Yes unless you can return it. make sure any jets you put in are genuine kehin, some reports of sub standard jets in those kids from time to time.
  3. She said no!😅 but here's part of the loop!! Your welcome anytime👍
  4. Kinger317

    Power Jet #40

    I don't have experience with your conditions and I think differently than most people but what I will say is I like my needles in the middle (3rd spot). Years ago I found that when changing clip positions on the same needle I would need to change jets also. Now if I am going to run and extreme temperature difference (winter) I change needle only (same middle 3rd spot) the Jets always remain the same. I go buy Yamaha's chart:For me I always run 45 pilot, 40 power jet, and 175 Main jet. 95% of the time I am at 40-80°F and the N3EW-3 is perfect. When I am going to run a lot in the winter (10-40°F) I switch to the N8RW-3 and it's perfect, jets all stay the same. I don't ride 90°F much but if I was going to ride a lot at 80-100°F I would run the N3CW-3 with the same Jets and probably love it. You could try the same thing with all needles on clip position 2 for your elevation. If I was going to visit your area I would try 45 pilot, 40 power jet, 170 Main jet. Most of the time I would try N3EW-2 and winter the N8RW-2. It all sounds complicated but trust me I'm not real smart and I like things simple and reliable. When it sunk in it became pretty simple. I don't ride a lot in the winter anymore (age and it gums up power valves) and I don't mind stretching the temperature envelope 10° on each end occasionally so I rarely change anything. Hope it helps you find your setting.
  5. Very fortunate to have lots of awesome riding at my place, you're welcome anytime[emoji106] The sister is not mean and definitely not ugly! You would flip if you saw her place[emoji33] killer 13.4 mile HS course[emoji469]
  6. Yeah, but I'm not sure you want to go there!!
  7. Kinger317

    YZ Restoration by P841

    LOL thanks for the update, we'll keep them coming. You just keep storing up those treasures in Heaven, you're going to own the place when you get there [emoji23]
  8. Kinger317

    YZ Restoration by P841

    How is the boy doing? on the way to 100%? How about the grandkids? Ha ha have to get them washing parts and putting tools away! What about your teeth? I see you were heading back to AZ, that must be a good sign right? Been thinking/praying for you all often, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger[emoji106]
  9. Yes it is! Which is unusual for me, I needed one for a couple reasons and then when the wife said you should get a new bike (which is unusual for her) I didn't hesitate. My old one kicks it's A$$ in the suspension/handling department but we'll get there.
  10. Kinger317

    Power Jet #40

    Is that the elevation and area you usually ride? Only the temperature is changing?
  11. Kinger317

    Weird Issue With YZ250

    Are you guys talking about the JB Weld on the case covering the clutch actuator? Looks like it got that too when it through a chain, there was a similar topic just recently.
  12. Kinger317

    Worn power valve guide and fix

    What kind of oil, fuel and ratio was run in this engine leading up to your repair? Clever repair by the way
  13. Kinger317

    Power Jet #40

    Wow, that's a testimony! I thought once you went Suzuki you never went back! Ha ha
  14. Kinger317

    Yz250 spring rates

    racetech sounds a lot closer. 200 pounds with or without gear? FWIW I am 185 without gear and I run .48 up front and 5.6 in the rear