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  1. Kinger317

    1998 YZ250 Running Weird

    And the transmission oil unless you tip it over on its left side.
  2. Kinger317

    Power Jet #40

  3. Kinger317

    Power Jet #40

    Did you bump this because you're still on the fence? Or because you love it and want others to see it!? I'll give you a bump, picked up a 2019 YZ250 and ran 7 hours of good baseline testing. Float came set at 6 mm and the jetting was OK, rideable as is, especially if you ride in the 5000-9000 range most of the time and use the clutch as needed to get it there. Most of my time is spent letting the bike pull me from 2500-5000 and for that the jetting was a little weird. The very bottom was way too wet (rich/pilot) then it goes dry (lean/early needle) then it just Rips after that (power jet/main jet). I set the float to 7.5 mm and put in my 45, N3EW-3, 40, 175, one turn out recipe and it immediately idled and ran perfect. Smooth, cool, strong right from the giddyup and revved to the moon. The biggest thing is raising the needle to the middle because it quenches that dry spot. The 40 power jet compensates for that in the mid/top making it virtually the same as it was up there before. The smaller pilot just cleans up that swamp at the bottom. I for one think that Yamaha needles can work very well in Yamaha motorcycles and everything is within one click of stock except the pilot which is two clicks smaller. Blah blah blah….
  4. Kinger317

    Power Jet #40

    Ha ha… Good catch! Well I'm done with my end and it came out even better than expected. I've been running it for a couple years now in many different forms and the final version is amazing. It just makes the bike really enjoyable to ride. Now it's waiting on the white collar people to finish their end which should be sometime in January. I will start a new topic and reveal it shortly after New Year's[emoji106] Edit: it has nothing to do with carburetion!
  5. Kinger317

    Free play side power valves

    I think I follow you now, this topic was talking about the side (secondary) valves. Did the shop mention if it looked like the "valve holder 2" came loose on the center Power valve? Those socket flange screws are the only thing in there to get Loctite. Older versions had issues with the ears breaking but either way that's kind of a fluke thing.
  6. Kinger317

    Free play side power valves

    How is yours? Were you able to get the right side valve to close?
  7. Kinger317

    Free play side power valves

    Are you talking about the center valve? Need a better picture, hard to see what you are talking about.
  8. Kinger317

    Free play side power valves

    I don't see it! Are you talking about the center exhaust valve? Is it warn on the top and bottom?
  9. Kinger317

    Rm250 Fatty pipe on a 2003 Yz125

    I don't see how it could fit. Let it go
  10. Kinger317

    Clutch Help

    Did you take the pressure plate off? Is it missing the throwout bearing?
  11. Kinger317

    Free play side power valves

    The radiators definitely are. It's not like having it on the bench but it's not bad 125 is a different story
  12. Kinger317

    Free play side power valves

    This is my 2019 with only shrouds and radiators removed. Plenty of room to do whatever is needed.
  13. Kinger317

    Free play side power valves

    There is plenty of room on the aluminum frames. It just requires removing the radiators, no biggie. Sorry!!
  14. Kinger317

    Free play side power valves

    Yes, remove seat. Remove tank/shrouds. Remove front pipe. Drain coolant. Remove radiators. Remove PV box cover. Reset right Pulley as described in previous post. I have not preform this on a steel frame but it is easy on the aluminum framed bikes. Fresh pair of needle nose will loosen the two center Phillips on the PV box cover.
  15. Kinger317

    Free play side power valves

    Loosen the allen cap screw on the right pulley. Set control rod position to all valves closed. Above the right pulley pull the linkage (out) closing the valve all the way then let the spring on the control rod push the pulley over (out) against the linkage. Tighten the allen cap screw and check again.