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  1. Hi all question time again lol Son rode today and binned it and I've noticed the front prep had a crack in it now I've got the chance at a 14 front pipe (with resonator) would it fit ? The aftermarket pipes list there's as compatible but I'd like to be sure Thanks
  2. Thanks for replying so it's ok wobbling around like that??? I've never noticed before
  3. Here is a pic of the idler but i still dont have a clue how it stays in place ill take clutch basket off tomorow but a heads up would be great
  4. Hi all I've rebuilt the crank on my 10 kxf and while I was putting back together again I noticed the kick start idle gear is loose on its spindle to the point its hitting the clurch basket now surely it can't be like that? But for the life of me I can't see what holds it on in the manual Any ideas please Thanks Neil
  5. Hi the conrod bearing started to break up but luckily my son noticed something up and killed the motor, anyway ive ordered a new conrod kit (wossner) but its arrived with 2 thrust washers when my crank didnt have any apart from that everything is the same size etc. Any ideas thanks very much fitter
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  7. My 2010 kxf250 has a 13 front sprocket and a 50 rear (I bought the bike with this on) Now it's time to replace chain and sprockets I find the standard is a 48 rear What I'm worried about is I a big lad and if I was to go back to standard would I lose much acceleration ? I'm not a fast rider by any means and being 43 and just getting back on a bike after 20 odd years ( my sons fault lol) but I do like the kick the bike gives me now So the question is standard or stick to what I've got? Thanks
  8. I think that might be the case as I ordered a new piston and the top ring look huge ! Anyway put it in and it's snug as a bug so thanks all Just got to build up the head now and put it all back together Thanks all for the advice Fitter
  9. Funny you should say as Kawasaki only list one but aftermarket list different sizes A B C etc
  10. Hi thanks for the reply i have now taking the barrel and piston off and from what i can measure the piston pin has gone passed its service limit (i can feel a slight ridge in it !!) and also the piston pin holes seem to measure passed service limit The good news is the conrod has no up and down movement and only a little side ways. Now hope fully the last question the piston thats in there is a Vertex size B (76.96) should i stay with the same size or go up another ? i have to admit im not skilled enough to measure that good Many thanks fitter
  11. No it's still in the cylinder at the moment but there is some rocking
  12. Hi all I've torn down the top end of my kxf to replace valves and while wiping the piston ( vertex ) I noticed that it rocks side to side and forwards to backwards the cylinder looks good although I haven't measured it yet. Obviously I'll have to take barrel off and have a look further but does it point to a worn piston ? Many thanks Neil
  13. Hi and thanks for reading my first post ! My son has a yz85 and together we are going to do a piston change now the last time it was done a local guy put in a wossner piston in it and its stamped on the top that its a "b" size. Now my question is do i just put a b size back in as ive heard that it should be the biggest and it only mattered when new? (i will be using a wossner agin as it hasnt caused me any issues) Just for information the barrel does not have the coloured dot anymore and the cylinder loks to be in good condition (although will clean it up) thanks for reading Neil
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