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    Suspension advice for a 1993 DR346

    I was wondering if you guys could give me advice for my DR 346 front suspension, I need to do something about it. It's really mushy and I want to set it up for woods riding, what do you think?
  2. mvroaddog

    Jetting and needle position

    I have a 1993 DR 250. Did the Vortex Airbox, 346cc big bore kit through Thumper Racing, oversized header and Supertrapp IDSE/2. Two questions: What should my jetting be? And what does needle positions do for the performance of your bike? Thanks for the help.
  3. mvroaddog


    Did you try a oversized header from Jesse? I have one on my 1993 DR250 (346) with a Supertrapp IDSE/2 it sounds and performs awesome. http://www.kientech.com/
  4. mvroaddog

    Complete exhaust system

    Jesse has oversized header. http://www.kientech.com/ I went with a Supertrapp IDS 2 muffler. You will need to take it down to the muffler shop and have them open the pipe up for you, so it will fit the oversized header, it cost me 5 bucks. It sounds bad to the bone. Good Luck.
  5. mvroaddog

    Suspension suggestions

    I need some suggestions on suspention work for my 1993 DR250. Any good kits out there or tricks?
  6. mvroaddog

    1993 DR 250SE

    I've got a stock DR 250 SE and I'm ready to make it into a mean woods bike. Any suggestions?
  7. mvroaddog

    1993 DR 250SE

    I got Husy123 to check some stuff for me and it looks like Thumper Racing will do the work for me. If I send them the cylinder, they will do the work for about 450.00. I like my bike too much to get ride of it and it's worth the money to have it upgraded. Thanks for the help.
  8. mvroaddog

    1993 DR 250SE

    I have no problem running with my buddies, just need a little more boost.