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  1. armadillofz1

    DRZ400 slipper clutch by december

    just got an email from Paolo Rocchi at STM. looks like it'll be ready by late november, probably early December before we se it over here. -Greg
  2. armadillofz1

    Beaver Run this weekend?

    i'm there on the 23rd
  3. armadillofz1

    Sept 23 track day at Jefferson Circuit

    i might go, thanks -Greg
  4. armadillofz1

    Sept 23 track day at Jefferson Circuit

    i wanted to do this date, but TPM told me $205 for non member/late entry fee. i'll try it with nesba next season, unless someone wants to sponsor a TD for me
  5. armadillofz1

    Tell me my bike is cool ... Please ???

    nice, almost as nice as mine...
  6. armadillofz1

    black tank

    thanks for all the info guys. -Greg
  7. armadillofz1

    black tank

    yeah a smart ass that didnt help much, i can get black tanks for the "S" all day long, but none for the "E"
  8. armadillofz1

    black tank

    cool, i'll check on that EDIT: found an oem black platic tank for it but its 541 dollars
  9. armadillofz1

    black tank

    as far as i know they all fit the "S" only., hence my question.
  10. armadillofz1

    black tank

    is anyone making a black plastic tank for the DRZ400E, it is my understanding that the one for the "S" won't fit the "E".
  11. armadillofz1

    suspension questions

    well, i just got my forks and shock back today (wow 4 days turn around, insane!) and all i can say is WOW. superior customer serveice with John Currea at MX-Tech. tomorrow i'll take the Long way into work to test it out. thanks for all the help guys!.
  12. armadillofz1

    suspension questions

    thanks gentlemen, i just spoke with John (yes he returned my call on a sunday) and my suspension is heading PA bound tomorrow morning. thanks for all the help.
  13. armadillofz1

    suspension questions

    so i finally have some dollars together. its time to take the DRZtard to the next level. is there anyone making a replacement shock for the DRZe for SM? should i send mine out to get done, if so where. thanks
  14. armadillofz1

    fat azz wheelies

    troll, my xr100 will out wheelie all your crap...
  15. armadillofz1

    SM suspension for DRZ e

    i have an "E" on the street, is there anyone that revalves the stock shocks for SM? the bike just wallows around like riding a marshmallow. i'd need it lowered and resprung for my weight as well.