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  1. N_FELT

    suspension setuo

    I need to see about making my 02 crf450 suspension softer. I don't really know much at all about setting it up right. One problem is I can't afford to re-valve or anything, so for now I just want to get it as soft and smooth as possible. I weigh about 155 with gear. I need to set it up for single track trails with rocks that you usually have to go over. My suspension is to stiff and I bounce off of them, I know I won't be able to get it perfect just be adjusters, I just want to get it better. I have softened them up some so it is even better then before. both the compression and rebound I set softer. But i need to get advice on how I should have compression compared to the rebound. If they should both be really soft or one harder then the other? Now on the bike the back seems better then the front, The front when it hits a water run off ditch on a road at higher speeds will seem like it doesn't rebound back really fast. i just thought it may help. It is making it a lot harder to get though the rock sections then it should be. I appreciate any help I can get. Thank's Nick
  2. I just picked up a free CL350. It looks like it is giong to need a lot of work. The last time it ran was about 8 years ago. I dont know if the person just didnt want to ride it anymore or it broke down. The carbs and engine seem fine. The electrical I think will be the biggest part. I wanted to find out if someone has electrical diagrams for the bike that I could get online. I need to buy a manual but I need to see what all the wires are for. I know what some are for but not the rest. If anyone can help me with this that would be great. Thanks, Nick
  3. N_FELT

    rebuild in frame or out??

    I rebuilt my top end on my 02 crf450 in the frame. I wouldnt want to pull the motor if I didnt have to.
  4. If anyone has an Electrex stator or any other stator for sale for a 2002 CRF450 please let me know. Thanks Nick Felt
  5. If anyone has an Electrex stator or any other stator for sale for a 2002 CRF450 please let me know. Thanks Nick Felt
  6. N_FELT

    Buying stator

    Does anyone know of any online places other then Rocky Mtn MC or electrex to buy a stator? I'm hopeing to find a place that still hase some in stock. I need one in 2 weeks. Thanks
  7. Does anyone have video of the 125 and 250 race. I didnt get to watch it, just sitting here listening to it. If anyone can post it that would be great.
  8. N_FELT

    Trail Tech flywheel

    I know the TT flywheel has been discussed a lot. But I had heard the TT was having a problem with there flywheels about 1 1/2 years to 2 years ago, something like like. I was told at the time that the flywheel that I had was one of the new designed ones but I had the ricky stator and 11oz TT flywheel, and the stator was getting to hot and the bike would cut out. That was about a little more then a year ago. I still have the flywheel and need to know if someone can tell me if they think it will not work with the baja designs rewind. Right now I am back to the stock flywheel and stator. I am thinking if it was one of the new batches from TT then it must have been how the stator was wound. I don't want to have to go through getting 3 different stators and flywheels again. Does the baja designs stator just bolt right on and connect without having to sauter wires or anything? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. N_FELT

    Pics 2002 CRF450 DS

    Thanks for the help hopefully I will get it figured out
  10. N_FELT

    Pics 2002 CRF450 DS

    I dont think anyone is going to be able to view them. So if there is anyone who can help me post them the right wa that would be appreciated.
  11. I was told I sould post some pics of my bike so we'll see if it works. I'm not good with computers so bare with me. 2002 CRF450 front view side view jump This picture was off a 8ft ramp with a 50ft gap. My truck is under the ramp so so claose to the ramp that theres no way to hit the truck. We just thought it might look cool. That pic is about 2 years old.
  12. N_FELT

    Bunch of 450 parts in the for sale forum

    I think someone should buy them, they are also on e-bay. Someone needs to buy them good deal.
  13. I had ricky stator send me out 2 flywheels and 3 stators all did not work properly. Either did not put out enough voltage to run or the gap was off between the stator and flywheel and it would heat up and die. It was a real big pain, now i'm running a stock starter on my DS.
  14. N_FELT

    My street legal YZ

    Hey I think you bike looks great. When I did my CRF450 DS I wanted things that didnt stick out I just thought of the UFO kit, but your way is better. Also my bike looks like a desert bike then a MX bike so that light is not so bad.
  15. N_FELT

    Crf 450

    I am 6'2" and only 150lb and ride a CRF450 it just takes time to get used to the power once you do you will be fine. You should go for it.