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  1. surf450

    Front Fork Seal Replacement

    You don't want to fill the fluid from there. You will want to take both forks apart and make sure that the oil level in both is equal. The top has to come all the way off and then use the top of a spray bottle, cut the tube to meet specs and then make sure both are equal.
  2. anyone ever replaced the large seal of the front sprocket and the left crankcase. If so how did you do it?
  3. surf450

    Oil changes, when?

    always and often. There are a million threads on this. For a heads up use MOBIL 1. BOTH SIDES.
  4. surf450

    Valvoline DuraBlend

    could they be leaking because of dirt just as a fork seal can leak because of dirt?
  5. surf450

    Valvoline DuraBlend

    I have been using this in my tranny. I have since had two seals start leaking. Could this be just to slick and exit out the seals or are my seals just in need of replacing? Seems odd.
  6. surf450


    I thought quads were made for one rider?
  7. surf450

    Fork seal quick fix question.

    You all are the best. I was going to replace the seals, which maybe I should still do. But if I had replaced them I wouldn't have rode today. Instead I tried the quick fix. It worked. Saved me time money and a day of riding. Thanks.
  8. To date I have saved a lot of money thanks to great advice from fellow riders. It is so nice having this forum to exchange info that I would never get from a dealership. They just tell you, "you need to replace it and that will be 2hrs of labor." Well I say hell no. I can do it myself and talking with others who have done before me really helps.
  9. surf450


    I just noticed another post. No crap quad riders hardly know how to wear gear. 50% out today had no gear no helmet nothing. Out of that 50% half of them were carrying beers at the same time. I guess they were multitasking It's all good, but at least put a helmet on the five year old kid that is riding with his drunk dad.
  10. surf450


    Tell me about it. I think it all has to do with the new quad model offerings. They are lighter, faster, and best of all fourstroke. I only ride on two wheels, but those new quads are sick. I went riding with four friends today in Ocala FL. Three of us on 2 wheels two on 4 wheels. The numbers out there were heavily weighed in the quad's corner. Probably 20 to 1.
  11. AMEN! "What have you done for me lately" I can't stand the stubborn high priced shops. If you can buy alum. polish at wal-mart for $4 why do I want to pay $8 at the shop. Ya, I'd like to give them business, but I am not stupid. That extra $4 can go towards a gallon of gas. This is just an example of what I have seen, but it goes for all parts as well. I only buy online, unless it is an emergency buy.
  12. surf450

    Rodman Dam in FLORIDA, any jumps?

    I guess not?
  13. surf450

    Mobil 1 15W-50.

    :lol:That's great to hear. I love to know the big boys are using it
  14. surf450

    Cutting filter open on first oil change...

    Ya get the 7 filters for $20. I do the same thing. As for oil switch to Mobil 1. I switched my tranny oil to Valvoline Durablend. It seems to be better. I asked on here about Mobil 1 you can get a 5qt jug at Wal-Mart for $20. If you do a lot of reading on it like I have done you will see it is not only good enough, but probably better. The film strength is better.