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  1. no, im not confusing anything .. your right about the terminology as far as construction of the batteries but the label on the side that says fully charged at 14.5V@100-500ma rate is pretty self explanatory .. a typical tender trickles at that rate, so if you check it with a meter it should be bringing it to 14 to 15v if its not really cold temps .. so in this exmple the 14.3 or whatever it was is spot on and the ~13.2 is low for whatever reason, maybe battery type, im not familiar with the grom .. which is pretty much repeating everything i already said ..
  2. actually about 14.5 -15 is fully charged on the regular gel sealed lead batteries .. if the one tender is holding it at 14.3 or whatever thats about right .. 13.2 is kindof low, could be the bettery type in the grom or whatever .. personally i charge my bikes to ~14.5 and then leave them off the tender for a week, those cheap tenders can go bad and cause everything from fire to actual over-charging which will ruin the battery .. but 14.5 yeah, thats the sweet spot for the typical lead acid motorcycle battery ..
  3. the drz will last practically forever if you take care of it .. i bought mine in oct of '99, granted i only have 15k on it, but it has all the original hoses and none of the motor cases have ever been opened on it .. starts every time like a champ ... plan on replacing tires once a year or 5k miles give or take .. chain and sprockets maybe every 10k .. oil, every 2k or so .. thats about it ... what kills a motor on anything is high rpm period end of discussion, more power ironically does 'not' hurt a motor generally .. keep the rpms low and reserved and it will go till your old and getting grey like me .. other than that dont dump it, that will cost you on any bike ..
  4. cowpie

    DRZ400S to SM wheels (brake question)

    lol, not too rough ... use a socket or something that fits well so you can get it to within a millimeter or so ..
  5. cowpie

    DRZ400S to SM wheels (brake question)

    just the ID of the bearing and the seal is pressed into the outer edge of the hub on both sides if its not been pulled out .. with the exception of the speedo drive side on the front, that wont have one likely ..
  6. cowpie

    DRZ400S to SM wheels (brake question)

    if you get the measurements for bearing ID and seal OD / ID i can verify if the spacers i have are correct and give you pt.#s to ask for .. its possible they do use different hubs and spacers randomly though, so i wouldnt just guess ..
  7. cowpie

    DRZ400S to SM wheels (brake question)

    its actually the bearing inner race size that differs on alot of aftermarket wheels .. it will use the stock axle but the spacers are designed to 'sleeve' over the axle and increase the dimension to fit the bearing in the wheel .. you'll just have to get into it and see, take some precise measurements and get back if you have issues ..
  8. cowpie

    Klx400 Supermoto ideas

    i'd go with black, standard silver spokes, and probably get a set of quality green rim decals from a place like moto inks ..
  9. cowpie

    Dual wheels gear options

    this gets asked alot - i have an S and if there was a good answer i'd give it to you .. bottom line is i have 2 chains and 2 sets of gears and if i thought 1 chain would work out good i wouldnt have 2 chains .. what i 'can' tell you is that as far as im concerned, i dont like monkeying with the countershaft sprocket any more than i have to, i think thats bad juju, i leave that the same until it wears out, and i like a bigger sprocket up there 15 or 16 i think everything wears better with a bigger one ..
  10. cowpie

    Warp9 wheels driving me nuts! Plz help...

    i had an issue with my ebay wheels that was similar .. it was just barely touching in the bottom of the groove, but enough to keep the wheel from spinning freely .. i ground it down with a die grinder and ~2" disk only needed about a millimeter - dont know if a dremel will reach in there ... a couple things to consider - first, if you go too deep it will enter the 'post' area and allow water and dirt into it, you dont want that to happen .. if you need more than a millimeter or so i would take it off the outer edge of the disk on a bench grinder is what i would use, then clean it up with file and maybe repaint it ...
  11. cowpie

    DRZ400S Using Oil

    if it starts and runs good i wouldnt worry at all about it .. most of its probably going into the airbox, especially if you keep it topped up all the time, pretty normal ..
  12. cowpie

    Downshift technique

    dont 'jump' a gear when downshifting and brake or roll down rpms to the point downshifting wont break the rear loose .. work on your method .. row through the gears both up and down, try a little rev match action .. on the street unless your stopping completely with a foot down dont go into first either and you can easily pop it into neutral as you come to stop, first usually isnt needed if you keep it rolling .. i guess this was lesson of the day lol ... sorry ..
  13. cowpie

    Drz only running on choke or prime

    that symptom can indicate fuel in the oil .. especially if it fell over ..
  14. cowpie

    Steering stem bearing, replace or re-pack?

    if im not mistaken the travel on the SM rear is shorter and thats because of the internal spacing .. if you have a SM shock that would probably be the way to go although im not positive about the swingarm either .. in a pinch you could 'soften' teh S rear and just use the stiffest damping setting to level out the ride, shouldnt be a problem unless you need a tuned suspension for the track or something .. on the forks, bearings are a matched set with their races, i wouldnt reuse a bearing like that in another race, its likely to not hold its play very well, i'd replace them ...
  15. cowpie

    gearing change

    well you'll need approx 3 teeth in the rear to equal 1 changed in the front ... that probably means a different chain ... that said i agree its a better option, or you could go 'double low' and go down 1 in front and up 3 in the rear and maybe use the same chain ..