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  1. cowpoo

    is Reed the fastest

    Well its obvious most people don't rate Reed and that is there call,so i was curious to see peoples thoughts on who is the fastest SX racer ATM
  2. cowpoo

    is Reed the fastest

    I always sign CP on my bad gas just ask RMXTGH
  3. cowpoo

    Where are all the haters?

    Enough examples hey ? I watch you guys bitch and moan about Reed , But never see the facts to back it up . Here is an example , RC said if i dont get my points i will not race SX again this year (fact)
  4. REED 1st ,who cares after that
  5. cowpoo

    Supercross is Reed the fastest

    With RC retired and JS injured who is the fastest SX racer in the world today?
  6. cowpoo

    reeds points lead shrinks even more

    You guys make me laugh , if Reed is always whinning and making excuses you guys should be able to give a couple examples straight off the top of your EMPTY heads
  7. cowpoo

    reeds points lead shrinks even more

    Yeah and maybe that anorexic bitch with the fake boobs wants a real man , thats why she is with Reed and not you
  8. cowpoo

    reeds points lead shrinks even more

    I have watched Reed race with a broken leg , maybe you couldn't race with a level 3 ac seperation . but im sure Chad could , maybe we breed them tougher downunder
  9. maybe people like to see all the results
  10. watch out for 82 jake moss from Australia should be top 5
  11. cowpoo

    Supercross Reed tired

    Spoke with chad during this week and asked what happened in the main at SD His reply was . Man i was that bored last week i actually fell asleep during the race . I'm really bummed JS is injured i need somebody to race with
  12. cowpoo

    Rolling Stones Reed

    yep just sitting back with a Bees Knees as we speak:p
  13. cowpoo

    If you could meet one MX rider...

    i know its not possible at the moment but i would have loved to have met Donny Schmidt
  14. cowpoo

    Rolling Stones Reed

    5.00pm friday
  15. cowpoo

    Rolling Stones Reed

    yes i know you sign BNB