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  1. roadczar

    Products you will never buy again?

    MSR brake levers – not crash worthy.
  2. roadczar

    Questions: Off-road riding in Northeastern IL

    The biggest drawbacks of getting YZ vs. WR would be YZ having the lighter flywheel and a taller 1st gear. The combination of the two, make it easy to stall the bike at low speeds. Also YZ450s have a 4-speed close ratio transmission while WR450s have a wide ratio 5 speed. Plenty of places to do road track time near Chicago: Road America, Black Hawk Farms, Gingerman, Grattan, and Putnam Park. http://www.nesba.com/ http://www.sportbiketracktime.com/ http://www.starmotorcycle.com/ http://www.trackoholics.com/ http://www.desmoindiana.org/ http://www.classrides.com/ http://www.superbikeschool.com/
  3. roadczar

    Questions: Off-road riding in Northeastern IL

    Plenty of tracks near by: http://www.midwestmotocross.com/other/tracks.html http://www.crossingsmx.com/ http://www.motoland.com/ (new) I’m a beginner too with allot of street and road track background. In my limited experience there are more tracks than trails/woods riding areas in Chicagoland. Tracks can be overwhelming, but fun. If they let a slowpoke like me ride I’m sure you will do OK. Compared to road tracks the MX tracks are allot less organized and very laid back. If you decide to choose the track riding I would stick with an MX bike, anything streetable will not survive, even stock WR’s suspension will be too soft. IMO, BR’s trails were too technical and tight with some sections more suitable for a trials bike than my YZ426. I did not enjoy them, but many do.
  4. roadczar

    Anyone up for Motoland - Indiana? Weather pending.

    I was there on Saturday. Being my fourth time ever on a dirt bike the scale of the place was pretty intimidating. After the small track at BR the elevation changes were a challenge. My only wish is that some of the smaller doubles were tabletops so the noobs like me could safely catch some air. Halfway into the first lap I stalled my bike and broke my brake lever. Luckily someone had a bent up spare that I was able to salvage and return to my lapper pace. The place is very well kept with friendly staff, watering, corner workers, concession stand and an ambulance. Big thanks to the owner’s son Nick for helping to find a bake lever, giving me riding tips and even offering his bike for a test ride. Also thanks, to the rider who salvaged my day by giving me his spare brake lever. Ah'll be baack! Yes, banjo lessons for sure, but most tracks are.
  5. roadczar

    Sore hands when riding????

    I have a muscle cramping problem. This stuff work very well for me: Calcium-Essential for teeth and building bones. Adequate calcium in a healthy diet may reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life, especially for teen and young women. Chromium-Plays an important role in glucose utilization and is required for the release of energy from glucose.* Copper-Involved in collagen formation, the proper utilization of iron and in the production of cellular energy.* Iron-Essential to building blood and transporting oxygen. It is also involved in energy utilization and in muscle function.* Magnesium-Helps build bones and maintain healthy teeth.* Magnesium is involved in nerve, skeletal muscle, heart and cell function.* Magnesium is also another electrolyte that helps to regulate cellular water balance.* Potassium-This electrolyte is necessary for cellular water balance and normal acid/base balance.* Potassium is also necessary for normal muscle cell contraction.* Zinc-An essential mineral involved in the majority of metabolic processes, including carbohydrate metabolism, in the human body.* Zinc is also involved in glucose utilization and insulin production.*
  6. roadczar

    Anyone up for Motoland - Indiana? Weather pending.

    They said that noobs are welcome so I decided to check it out. Stop by and say hi... http://www.roadczar.com/pics/BR-1.jpg
  7. roadczar

    Anyone up for Motoland - Indiana? Weather pending.

    I may be there on Sat. Trying to decide between Motoland and BF (new track)
  8. Hey FSUxr400, I'm in the North Shore burbs , just north of the city. And you?
  9. roadczar

    Dirt Bike Stands? Opinions.

    I use a Motosport Pro Panel Stand. Very sturdy with recessed rivets.
  10. roadczar

    Short Video of me riding!

    Very dramatic music, I kept expecting for something big to happen.
  11. roadczar

    Foot pounds to Inch pounds

    Don’t worry about the conversion, but worry about the precision instead. Most foot pound torque wrenches are not precise enough for low torque applications such as headwork I recommend getting a quality low torque inch/pound wrench instead. Snap-On is what I use and is a great choice. Yes it expensive, but I had to buy one after I stripped a cam bearing bolt on a GSXR 750 track bike with a low quality (inch/pond) wrench.
  12. Riding Busa is easy. Lots of torque. This was a little more difficult: All I have to do now is learn to ride a dirt bike.
  13. roadczar

    Bong Rec Area Question

    We took the advice and did Buffalo Range instead.