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  1. Dbunye

    Durhamtown Ride 6/2-6/5

    Actually I won't be going.... In fact, I am considering selling my bike. I haven't rode it since the last FFC ride I was at, and still have less than 20 hours on the bike after 8 months. Anyone want to buy a barely used 2004 YZF-250?
  2. Dbunye

    Revised QuicKtrack WOW!!!

    Any pixs? Still newbie friendly?
  3. Hey guys, is the Gatorback open to the public on weekends when races are not going on? Costs?
  4. Dbunye

    FRIDAY Club - check here

    I think the commercials are gay hideous excuses for humor, but in order to ride more I will drink it if required. That should pretty much cover both sides of that open ended question. Lol.
  5. Dbunye

    FRIDAY Club - check here

    I might be able to go then. Have I made the required entry dues yet to the club???
  6. Dbunye

    04 or 05 Yz 250F prices?

    I bought my 2004 YZ250F used, but it had never really been ridden since the owner broke his ankle shortly after buying it. (the bike was spotless, not a scratch, etc) I paid $4800 for it, plus all the gear (boots, helmet, pants, deflector) Consider a slightly used bike if you want to make a good savings. From 2004 to 2005 the major change was a upgraded suspension. Is it worth the difference, I don't know. The 2004 rides like a dream and was a big improvement over the 2003 in the way it handles and feels (my opinion) I personally would recommend going with a 2004 if you find one for a great price. Throw some money at mods if you like, mine is completely stock at the moment and has such great power and handling, I am not sure when I will mod it. Maybe once I ride it for a few years... lol. If you are a very hard rider, perhaps the 2006 is the way to go with the better suspension and wieght savings. You have to figure out what is important to your riding and if it is worth the extra cash.
  7. Dbunye

    Any 6'+ YZ250F Riders?

    I am 6'0", 196 lbs, bike is completely stock... fits great.
  8. Dbunye

    Will A WR 250 kickstand fit on A YZ 250f

    My 2004 YZ250F has a Pro Moto Billet kickstand on it and this thing is so friggin' sturdy and awesome, I highly recommended. You can stand on the bike and kickstart it, put the stand down and take a nap with your feet on the handle bars, etc. And most importantly, no matter what you do with the bike, the stand stays up in place at all times while riding. Keep in mind, it is rather expensive at around $150 but it is the only stand you will ever need. And just for sizing comparison, I am 196lbs and the stand holds my weight without so much as a squeak.
  9. Dbunye

    I'm looking for a silver plastics kit

    I always thought black would be nice... My wife has bought me some smoke dragon graphics for my bike. I'll add the graphics to my backup set of plastic radiator shrouds and alternate between the standard YZF blue and the dragon graphics once I get them on.
  10. Dbunye

    Friday club check-in

    I had a great time yesterday. The more mud and dirt on the bikes the better... proof of a good time!! Yeah, tell your son that just because I stall my bike in the middle of the water, it does not give him a reason to try to one up me by submerging his!!! Kids nowadays, always trying to outdue the adults!
  11. I am 6'0" and 196 lbs (without gear), my '04 YZ250F is running stock suspension still and I love the bike. All the power I need, and great suspension. I am not a very aggressive rider yet but have had it going at a pretty good clip in the woods so perhaps you are of the same nature as I am. I wanted the bike for trail riding and it does awesome there. I wouldn't bother with a 450, the 250F has no problem scaring the crap out of me with it's power and aggressive nature. I'm taller and about as heavy as you, so don't let those make you think the 250F is too small for your size.
  12. Dbunye

    Good first Bike

    GO to the YZF250 FAQ for some great info as well: http://www.thumperfaq.com/
  13. Dbunye

    YZ for trails, or WR for track

    I am new to riding, and I bought an '04 YZF250. A few weeks ago I went out for my first time on the trails, up until then I had only accumulated about 4-5 hours putting around the local MX tracks in first gear. Out of eight of us, two of us had yzf's and the majority of the rest were off road bikes like the WR. As I watched from waaaaaay back, both styles of bike really haul butt in the woods. Eventually I felt a bit more comfortable (amazing how fast the YZF feels good underneath you!) that I was going faster. Eventually I went out on a long loop with the rest of the guys, and while I was slower than them, the bike really did great and there was not an obstacle I was not able to get around (as a newbie no less!) The YZF250 simply has the power to go anywhere and the suspension to keep you going. My only complaint would be the simple fact that the YZF is built for racing, so the seat is not necessarily made for long rides. My butt was quite sore the next day... 6 hours on that seat really does wonders, and not of the good kind. And also, keep in mind that I wanted to get into riding mainly for the trails. I got the YZF based on the assumption that eventually I would like to play on the tracks sicne there are more of those locally to me than trails. I have no interest racing, but knowing I will never have to upgrade this bike is a great feeling.
  14. Dbunye

    Friday club check-in

    Brett, I'll plan on being at the building around 9am. See you then!
  15. Dbunye

    Friday club check-in

    Hey guys, my Sunday just cleared out, do you mind if I tag along again?