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  1. Brosenkra

    Head pipe repair.

    Is your '04 crf450 head pipe still available? Will you take less ? Barry (Barry.rosenkrans@unison.ae.ge.com)
  2. Brosenkra

    Pics of my 05 CRF450

    Or better yet, leave out the motor & transmission oil,... that should save you more than a pound of weight. Just kidding dude, I'm just jealous, 'cause I'm still on an '02.
  3. Brosenkra

    Why does my '02 CRF 450 Start hard or not at all?

    I removed the carb and gave it a thorough cleaning inside and out, which seems to have helped a great deal. One interesting observation worth noting; there did not seem to be any visible dirt or debris in the jets, however, the cleaning did make a noticeably improve starting. It still starts harder than it should...!
  4. Brosenkra

    Why does my '02 CRF 450 Start hard or not at all?

    Good input. I did unplug my kill switch to rule that out, but haven't traced all the wiring back to the harness to look for shorts. Hey, ...how often should the spark plug be replaced on these 450's?
  5. My '02 CRF450 has been starting & running good up until 1 month ago. After showing symptoms of starting hard, I check and adjusted the intake valve clearance about a month ago and again 2wks later. After having new OEM valves & a cam chain installed, it still starts hard or not at all. You can pop start it and it seems to run fine, but I would like to think it should fire after 2 kicks, not 20. I re-checked the intake & exhaust valve clearances again after my honda shop did the installs and they are within spec. I also removed the carb float plug to drain out any crud, but it looked clean. Last time I checked my spark plug, it looked ok, but it is probably the original. ANY IDEAS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED??? THX IN ADVANCE. BARRY