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  1. slavy

    Broken Camshaft Holder 2015 CRF250x

    You had the best advise - use what you already bought. It will take you some tests , but it WILL work with a little common sense. First you torque everything properly and check by hand how is spinning the camshaft. If it spins freely- put everything together and go for a ride. If it is not , or if you are not sure- use some emery cloth and start taking material lightly and keep checking from time to time , until you are SURE no more binding. Wash it with WD-40 , and finish the process like nothing ever happened. I have done it couple of times with success.
  2. Couple of days ago a buddy of mine bought 2002 KTM 300EXC for 900 $. The only issue - needs clutch cover. The part is discontinued. The dealer explained that this bike is way too old for somebody like KTM to have parts support. In the same time , you can still buy parts for XRs from the 80's. Soooo , If you don't care about the money,if you intend to buy the bike new and keep it for couple of years, if you want to race in the lower class and the cost is not an objective , if you intend to support your local KTM dealer- KTM will be a great choice. I have done on my CRF many trails , where my KTM buddies decided to turn around , not to damage their bikes. I have done 5 MOH without a hick up and I was the only one in a group of "real bikes", who finished with a smile. IMHO the 2 bikes are not in the same "cost vs benefit" universe.
  3. slavy

    Pirrelli MT 43 vs the others ?

    I ride CRF230F in Az, rocks for every choice and some loose soil and sand for flavor. I installed my MT 43 in the end of august and haven't missed any Sunday ride. And every other week-1 ride through the week. I have TUBLISS and i run around 6 PSI. I replaced the tire on 02.10 and i still has about 3/16- 1/4 " thread. I had Shinko 505 CHEATER sitting and i could not wait to try it. Put the same 5 PSI pressure and went for a ride. I can not wait to wear the Shinko, so i can put MT 43 again In my opinion it is one of absolutely the best tires for Az . It gives you nice planted feeling, goes over the rocks without deflecting you, sticks to the rocks like a bubble gum to your pants. Lasts forever. The on;ly thing- it is for the people who fave good clutch control. This tire changes the way you ride and makes you a better rider.
  4. slavy

    Neutec Tubliss Motorcycle Tire System

    Great product ! I personally love it. My bike is not a power monster and i bet on the traction factor. The extra low pressure , possible thanks to Tubliss , combined with Pirelli MT 43 and some clutch mods , made all my KTM and Hussaberg buddies look with respect at my little red bike. WHY 4 STARS ? It is not easy to remove and install the system for the first time /don't look what somebody says on You Tube/. Two co-riders destroyed the system /one installing it on the rear wheel, the other -removing it/. And it is 100$ mistake. Both of them swore - never again.
  5. slavy

    Ricochet Off-Road Aluminum

    Ricochetaluminum skid plate -Not very pretty but does what it is supposed to
  6. slavy

    Honda CRF230F (2006)


    Awesome for what it is. Goes up the gnarly hills like a mountain goat
  7. slavy

    Honda CRF230F 2006

    Awesome for what it is. Goes up the gnarly hills like a mountain goat
  8. slavy

    Any reason not to use this oil?

    About the oils - "ENERGY CONSERVING = STAY AWAY ! " The rest is a matter of personal preferences. Buying oil from the dealer guarantees you will not buy wrong oil. If somebody doesn't have a clue what he is doing, may be this will be the safest way, but in this case he should just let the dealer do the work and play it safe. Other wise - Walmart Superstore has a the best retail prices. The bad news is that it is getting harder and harder to buy gallon or 5 qt jug of 20W-50 which is great for a air-cooled single on a single track. Next choice can be any fleet oil 15W-40. It is designed to last very long under high temperatures and loads. It has also very good detergent properties. 10W-40 is probably the most universal weight that will work any where any time. I'd not go lower than 10w=40, but again - this is my personal opinion. I have run straight 60 in my DRZ250, but i ride in pretty high temperatures, when pretty much everybody is staying home. About the filters- there is no 1 answer do you change it every oil change, every other oil change, once in 3 oil changes. Everything depends on the filter and how often do you change the oil. Originally most of the TTR's and XT's come with ss screen filter. This filter is "forever" unless it gets damaged by the mechanic. A lot of times the mechanic in the dealership will replace it with paper filter during the first service and from this point the owner keeps buying paper filters. The Paper filters are not the same. Usually the more expensive ones have synthetic media and more of it. The cheaper filters have regular filter paper and not too much of it, so they are prone to easier and faster plugging and at high RPM's the oil starts bu-passing the filter. Coming from this point if you like cheaper filters, cheaper oils , and like to add oil couple of times between the changes , because it drops to MIN , in this case i'd say- oil change comes with filter change.
  9. slavy

    selling a ttr125l

    If it is not sold- have you considered parting it out? Do you have a title? Just put a little more info and you will get somebody interested.
  10. slavy

    TTR125L - best engine protection

    HI there, I have a hopped up TTR125L , which i am riding on pretty gnarly AZ single track. The last weekend i broke the original plastic skid plate and now i am looking at replacement /improvement/ options. So far i have BBR and Moose on top of the list. Also i think MSR was making a plate for this bike /a little cheaper/. I was going to buy BBR , but it seems they put the emphasis on the "brace" part, not on the "guard" part and the sides of the engine seem pretty vulnerable to side knock in some creek. The Moose and MSR seem to give very good protection, but so far everybody is raving about BBR. May be different requirements , or may be i did not see something. Any input will be appreciated.
  11. slavy

    TTR 125 Stator Upgrade

    OK, pretty late response to the topic, but i installed LED Cree headlight /15 w/ from ebay and some cheap LED tail/brake light and i have no problems so far. If you are using 35W conventional bulb, your light output will not be more than 12W. If you go to LED- 18W Cree bulb will give you the same light. ALSO regular running light is 5W and the brake light is 21W. If you go with LED- no more than 3-4 W total. You can use LED, because you have battery and Rectifier-regulator.
  12. slavy

    Carb Swap for TTR 225 - works great

    I'd like to compare neck to neck stock carb with substituted one. I am in Phx and i have ttr225 in sorry shape, but the carb is tuned right and the bike starts and runs just fine. if it sounds good to you , respond and we can meet and ride both bikes.
  13. slavy

    biggest diference between xr400 vs. dr350

    There is not one 100% correct answer. I thought to get KLR650. Once i tried a fully loaded one in the dirt , i scratched it off the list. Next thing in line was XR400.Before it i could lay my hands on DRZ400S. It is a great bike BUT not if you are 5'3" with 29" inseam. I lowered it and i love it, but i got addicted to off road riding and kept looking for the "perfect bike.. I got dirt "95 DR350 with a pipe and open air box. MONSTER. I like it a lot , but again-too tall. In the mean time i worked on a customer's XR400 with 440 kit, exhaust and open air box. I tried it and what can i say- heavy and tall. Now i prefer to ride a wimpy XT350 uncorked with air box mod and jetted properly. It is no match to any of the bikes mentioned before, but it fits me,fits my skill level and the kind of riding i do. When you are trying to decide what bike is the best, ask yourself what bike does what you want it to do. And if couple of bikes do the same, start considering what will you ad on and how easy and costly will it be to keep the bike.
  14. slavy

    Suzuki AN400 Burgman 2003

    Awesome. Great reliability enough power for hwy trip in the SW. Over 60 mpg.This is my every day vehicle and i use my truck only for oversize loads and pulling a trailer. The only week point-cheap suspension.
  15. slavy

    Suzuki AN400 Burgman (2003)


    Awesome. Great reliability enough power for hwy trip in the SW. Over 60 mpg.This is my every day vehicle and i use my truck only for oversize loads and pulling a trailer. The only week point-cheap suspension.