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  1. I go with the adding 33 to whatever your new one says.... simple yet effective
  2. Whats wrong with a cannondale? I had no problems with mine..... Ok so it was a pedal bike. Maybe there is a slight difference.
  3. That is what i did is follow the standard formulas and the the numbers work out to my baseline setting. I was hoping to see if anyone who has lowered one before had some feedback on there trial and error.
  4. I have an 07 Crf250r so the stock sag setup calls for about 100mm of sag as a starting point that is on a suspension travel of 12.4 inches (315mm) so i lowered the bike using a Kouba link New travel is 11 inches (280mm) So what i come up with as far as sag is a starting point of 3 5/8 inches about 92mm. I set it at an actual sag of 3 3/4 inches. about 95mm my free sag is at about 1 inch or 26mm Oh and i reset my clickers back to stock. I will fine tune them later. So i guess what i am looking for is some opinions or to find out if anyone has done this before and what they did as far as sag settings. My goal is to get a good balance for general riding. Also i know people will bring up the front end. I have already changed the springs oil and all that good stuff to have have it lowered appropriately to match the change in the rear end geometry. My query is about the rear and wanting to get a few opinions. As we know this is not a perfect science and is trial and error. The correct setup will be the one that works the best in the long run. Any suggestions and experiences would be great. I believe i have the correct starting point. What do you think?
  5. I see a lot of questions about Stock suspension settings on a crf250r. So i figured since i found a PDF of my manual i would upload a few pages explaining all the stock clicker settings as well as the recommended sag for the bike. These clips include Rebound, compression and high and low speed clicker settings for those wishing to know the stock reference point. If anyone needs the full manual let me know I can email it. The manual i have is for a 2007 crf250r. This should cover 2004-2009 crf250r
  6. gfuzie

    CRF250r lowering. Any suggestions

    have any pics? I would love to see it
  7. gfuzie

    Honda CRF250R (2007)


    Love me a honda
  8. gfuzie

    Honda CRF250R 2007

    Love me a honda
  9. gfuzie

    CRF250r lowering. Any suggestions

    Its funny you say to shave the seat. right after i posted this topic i did just that. It seemed to give me enough to be more comfortable. However i do not recommend anyone who has not done this before to attempt it as it is not easy to shape the foam if you do not have the proper tools. It requires a rough cut and then some shaping and stretching the cover to to the new seat shape. If you are going to attempt this make sure you have access to an upholstery stapler(strong enough to go into the plastic base) and either a drum or belt sander and you will need a light touch to re curve and reshape the seat. Then a manual sanding block to finish your shaping. I figured i would throw that in there so someone reading this doesn't just hack up the seat and hate us for the suggestion. i attached a pic of the finished seat .
  10. Curious to see if anyone has lowered a crf250r. I want to do it right. Here is where i am at. I am 5'8 200lbs but have short legs. So sitting on the bike i am on the tips of my toes. I need to come down about an 1" to 1.5" I do not want to simply crank out a bunch of preload. from my springs as some have recommended. I have my sag set perfectly. I know if i lower i will have to readjust. What i am asking is has anyone had real success with this without messing up handling? What steps have you taken or parts did you buy?
  11. that is what i figured so overall i am at 32% rear and 25% front just needed a second opinion. Thanks for the input I appreciate it.
  12. I was curious you seem to know a little about the crf150f. Do you happen to know the proper sag for that bike? I currently have it set to about 2 3/4 which seems about right for to be qt 25%. Just not seeing any real info on it and Honda is not sure. Whats your opinion?
  13. Thats what I am saying. My setup may vary. Someone could use the same exact setup and have a difference in jets. Carbs are so different right from the factory. You can have 2 identical stock bikes and the needle settings may be 1/4 to a turn difference between the two. As we all know jetting is on a case by case basis. These carbs are mass produced and in know way perfect. Direct form the dealer they have to set and tweak each bike before it leaves the showroom and each one comes from the factory with the same setting. So the variation is there. That is why when we change something we always have a variation of jets on hand it is that small difference that can make a big impact. Thank you for a positive response and not bashing my choice.
  14. See that is the thing you are still implying that my setup does not work and i am completely wrong. I am open minded and before i got a profile always read the TT feeds for advice or to see what works or didn't work. What baffles me is that you still imply that My setup is useless and a waste of money or time. Well i assure you if i change my jet it will take away performance. Also I assure you that valves and Float is set correctly. All I was simply sharing is something that worked for me. Think of this a Nascar stock car is the same however there are many different setups. What works for one may not work for all. All i shared once again is what my trial and error delivered the best results. I am no expert but not illiterate with engines. All i a asking you is to not try to cram something down someones throat because of the way you feel. You may not like any BBR products for example but John Doe lives by them. This Forum is an information exchange. The best bikes are usually FrankinBuilds. I wont use every part from the same manufacturer ts about finding what works best for your application.Because your bike runs better on a 110 or 112 doesn't mean mine will or John Doe's will. I see posts ranging from 95 to 125 so are you saying that everyone who uses a different jet kit than you is wrong? If someone disagrees with you or had better luck with something else is wrong also? If that is the case then why should anyone else ever post we need to just check with you first. This is a forum to share the good the bad and the ugly. Believe me if asked i would recommend starting with a 110 or a 112 which i did and got that suggestion from a forum on TT that apparently worked for most. I also do see where people have run as high as a 125 did that 125 work for me? No but what is to say it didn't work for them. What I am saying is stop trying to say that other people are wrong unless they do it your way. Have an open mind and Listen to others. How did you learn? I am sure it was trial and error at times. I am not one of those who have money to burn. I have made bad decisions and some fails but the whole point was to share a success weather you believe it works or not every idea or setup is a baseline. Your information is great and i appreciate it. It is in fact where i started. It is where most should start.I simply wanted to share something for those who want a lower cost alternative to get a bit more pep out of there stock machine. However to be ridiculed and for you to attempt to make someone look like a fool is inappropriate. Have an open mind ask questions but don't lay someone else out because you disagree. I may be new to this site but not new to the game. As i stated not an expert but not a novice either. I reach out when in need and welcome advice and know how. What i do not welcome is flat out belittling because someone else did something different than i would have. I would not do that to someone.