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  1. Rb26sx

    Arm Pump Solutions

    Maybe try riding with larger gloves, I only get arm pump when I ride with gloves that are a little to small.
  2. Rb26sx

    Forearm Pump Problem

    I only get arm pump if I wear gloves that are slightly too tight/small,
  3. Rb26sx

    Gopro settings for mx

    What fov do you recommend?
  4. Rb26sx

    Kawasaki KX250F (2016)


    Awesome bike
  5. Rb26sx

    Kawasaki KX250F 2016

    Awesome bike
  6. Hey guys what settings do you guys use on you're gopro for mx?
  7. Rb26sx

    2018 rmz 250

    I think i'll spend another year on my 07 and wait for the 19
  8. Rb26sx

    2018 rmz 250

    Yeah that was my thinking
  9. Rb26sx

    2018 rmz 250

    I've been riding a 2007 rmz 250 for a few years I think it's time to upgrade soon
  10. Rb26sx

    2018 rmz 250

    Should I buy the 2018 rmz 250 or wait for the 2019 bike since the 18 hasn't had any major updates.
  11. Rb26sx


    Please delete
  12. Rb26sx

    Which boots to buy?

    Never tried these boots Alpine star-tech 5 /Fox - comp 8 / Gaerne - sg10/12 , I have Sidi Crossfire and i love them they are light and not bulky
  13. Rb26sx

    Cracked Crank Case....

    The guy who owned my bike before me did weld his cases, I think it worked but it had some problems