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  1. dunekiller92

    which rad guard with clark tank

    Has anyone tried devol rad guards with the IMS tank? Any installation headaches I should know about>? Thanks fellas!
  2. dunekiller92

    Re-using Stock Grips?

    Pro Grip half waffle I like stock a lot too though.
  3. dunekiller92

    2005 CRF 450 price OTD

    I'm with Mikey from Burbank... I bought my CRF for just under 7 flat and that was the deal of the century here in so cal... i shopped around for a long tome and that was the best I could do FBC in san diego told me they couldn't go under 75 hundo...same with a lot of other dealers You guys in other states are getting some killer deals!
  4. dunekiller92

    CR450F vs. YZ450F

    I planned on buying a YZF for a long time but I went with a CRF in the end. I have spend quite a bit of time on the YZF in the desert and don't like the 4 gear combo. That thing can climb hills and dunes like you wouldn't believe though. They are both excellent bikes but I chose the red one because it felt lighter, smaller, and has 5 gears, which works better for me in the desert. I don't think you will be disappointed with either though.
  5. dunekiller92

    R or X, What would you do?

    I just bought an '05 CRF450R. This bike rips in the desert and Glamis. For me, the only reason to buy an X would be to ride at night, but none of my buddies have lights either so there really isn't any point. I have never ridden an off-road bike before, only bikes set up for motocross, and they are just fine with me. I ride at Glamis, Ocotillo, and parts of the High Desert exclusively. I have absolutely no complaints against the R model in any of these different terrains, inlcuding dunes, sand washes, fast trails, or single track.
  6. dunekiller92

    '04 silencer mounting same as '05?

    Thanks for the info!
  7. Does anyone know if the subframe and/or silencer mounting on the '04 is the same as the '05? There is a cool flag mount bracket that attaches to the silencer mounting bolts. The guy doesn't know if it works for the '05 yet. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. dunekiller92

    What did you pay for your 05CRF450R?

    Wow, maybe bikes in Cali are just more expensive but I paid 7k flat for my 05 CRF and thought that was a great deal. I've heard of people paying upwards of 8 grand with financing and all. The MSRP in Cali was $6699. Does that sound familiar in any other state?
  9. dunekiller92

    It can always be worse.

    Fellow riders, no matter how bad your day is going, it can always be worse. A friend of a friend of a friend of mine ( I never met the guy but was supposed to go riding with him next weekend) rode/fell into an 800' deep mine shaft over the weekend on Sunday. They were riding near the town of Red Mountain, in the high desert of California. He is dead at 21. If you would like to read the article, I think it can be found on the website of the Ridgecrest Independent. His name was Matthew Frey. Please pray for the family. I am sure they are hurting tremendously.
  10. Hey Dreke! I was a blue rider for ten years until I bought a CRF450R about a month ago. I had been planning on a YZF for a long time because of ergonomic issues ( I am 6'4") with the Honda. For many years, like 2001-2004, the Hondas all seemed too small and cramped for me. I took a seat on the 2005 CRF450R and knew that was the bike for me. Good luck with your decision, both '05's are great bikes.
  11. dunekiller92

    05 Air Filters..be careful

    Thanks fellas. I found the no-backfire element for $36.00 on the Twinair website. Thanks for saving me sixty five bones!
  12. dunekiller92

    05 Air Filters..be careful

    What after market filter did you happen to use? I am thinking of buying the White Bros no-screen anti-flammable one but would like to hear performance specs on it first. Is it worth the hundred bucks? Thanks for the info!
  13. Hello Out there! My buddy and I have been planning a trip to Ocotillo wells for quite some time now. I just got a brand new bike and would love to ride it out there, but it's no fun without riding buddies! His jeep has a busted front end. Could anyone out there possible give him a lift, tonight, October 15th?
  14. dunekiller92

    Quick connect flag bracket

    I live in Pacific Beach, near Worlds Gym. Thanks for the link, that bracket looks awesome. It bolts on the left side, on the back end of the side panel bolt or what?
  15. dunekiller92

    Quick connect flag bracket

    Has anyone else seen the quick connect flag bracket that attaches to the side panel bolt? I saw it out there one time and it looks awesome. Anyone know where to get them?