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  1. ktmscrambler_797

    Wilseyville Scramble Roll Call!!!!!

    when we switch to transponders, you will be able to run any number you want on your bike, its the code in the transponder that matters for the scoring
  2. ktmscrambler_797

    Wilseyville Scramble Roll Call!!!!!

    they switch at the begining of next season, ill be at wilseyville, and before that the elsinore grand prix and before that the lilipution, i have a full load coming up i ride a 525 with the #797, hey novaman did you go to the sand flea in eureka??
  3. ktmscrambler_797

    11/7 Lilliputian - Who's going?

    look for #797 on a 525, i wear black and grey shift gear, and on the back of my jersey it says R.I.P Matt Stephens, in memory of my buddy, ill be in a white F-150 crew cab
  4. ktmscrambler_797

    11/7 Lilliputian - Who's going?

    ill be there!!
  5. ktmscrambler_797

    ------hollister ,holloween ,sunday ------anyone going?

    hey were you out there last sunday with your black KLX, cuz i saw one on the TT track, it was there almost the whole time, if it was you that pipe sounded good, is it a yoshi??
  6. ktmscrambler_797

    Noisey Clutch???

    ahh the infamous "KTM grumble" i had the same question when i was buying it and asked what the heck making sure i wasnt buying a bike not taken care of, no worries my friend, its the trademark for KTM's
  7. ktmscrambler_797

    Which fluid for Hydraulic clutch on 2004 KTM?

    you can use automatic tranny fluid, it works greeat, thats what i use, and the guy who knows more about KTMs than probably anybody else uses, its cheap, and it will go a long way because its in such a big bottle
  8. ktmscrambler_797

    Not so decent picture of chick with 450 EXC

    yup and it makes her even more of a hottie to know that rides orange
  9. ktmscrambler_797

    hollister last friday 10/22 --------perfect

    i went sunday, it was SWEET!! there were a butt load of people there sunday also, kind of a drag but it gave me some good practice on my passing so ill be ready for my race next weekend
  10. ktmscrambler_797

    Carnegie tomorrow , the 24th

    actually it didnt look too bad, ive ridden there when the conditions were so sloppy, you couldnt even tell what color my bike was, thats when they shut the trails down cuz o the mud
  11. ktmscrambler_797

    Carnegie tomorrow , the 24th

    thats why i went to hollister today, it was so cherry out there, i wish i was still there
  12. ktmscrambler_797

    Bike control. pretty cool

    a car doing a stoppie? how bad ass is that
  13. ktmscrambler_797

    hollister 10/24

    where are you gonna park at?? ill probably park by the GP track or towards the back, in the camping areas
  14. ktmscrambler_797

    hollister 10/24

    whos going to hollister tomorrow?, ill be there on a KTM 525 #797 so if anyone wants to go ride with me, let me know
  15. ktmscrambler_797

    stripped drainplug..ugh

    well good luck with it buddy, i hope it works fine, let us know so if it works we will have another option to choose from, thats what alot of this sport is about, trial and error