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  1. r344

    DR650 DynoJet Kit @3500 elevation

    I usually try these things with a grain of salt but I was hugely impressed with this kit. The directions are great and I used Jesse Keintz's pics to cut the air-box and drill the slide. The bike pulls much harder on the low end and I really like the mod. I did not have to fine tune or dink around with it at all. I just did exactly what the instructions said. 2006 DR650-stock pipe (for now)-160 DJ main.
  2. I guess after working at a dealership and riding all of them I just have to put my money where my mouth is. The Honda XR650L is too tall but not as top heavy feeling as the Kaw 650. Unless you are tall you will spend some time and bucks on lowering it. I got a super deal on a 1996 DR350 that got traded so I snagged it and it is a great bike. I am lowering it for my 11 year old daughter as I am getting an '06 DR650. The wife got a DR200S and a Savage 650 and the youngest daughter raced a DRZ110. I've had an Ozark and a Vinson atv and I will soon have the King Quad. Does anyone notice a pattern here?
  3. r344

    How would you buy a used DR650?

    Wow. what dealer is selling DR650's for 4K- I sell Suzukis for a dealership and I am getting a new 06 for $100 over cost (not invoice, but actual cost) and it cost me $4574. What kind of pipe and airbox mods would you recommned?
  4. r344

    who would buy...(feedback request)

    They just put those carriers on sale at Menards and Checker Auto for $39.99. You might beat that price but then there's always that nasty Product Liability to contend with.
  5. r344

    DRZ110 AirBox mods

    I've ordered an 85 main and a 40 pilot for my daughters 110 but I am not sure about how many and what size holes to drill in the airbox. Any Suggestions?
  6. r344

    DRZ-110 vs. KTM 50cc

    I work in a dealership that sells both the DRZ110 and KTMs. My 7 year old daughter rides the DRZ110 in the motos and it is a really good bike. After working around KTMs I would never own one. Just too much maintenance and too hard to get parts.